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Let's talk about public education! Are charters good or bad? Is there too much testing? How much is too much? What is common core? The answers to those questions and so much more are right here in Black and White.

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The most important decision in public education since desegregation lies before the people of Alabama. How much do you know about it? I have been hoping and praying that one of the media outlets would run a story about what the charter... more

I'm tried. I'm frustrated. I'm angry. I'm hopeful. I am an activist. I fight for equality in our public schools. I fight against predatory reformers such as Michelle Rhee, Eli Broad and Wendy Kopp. My trip down the rabbit hole of corporate... more

A note from Sweet T -Dr. Mark Naison, co-founder of the Badass Teachers Association, called in at the 61 minute mark, be sure and check out that interview!! - It's the end of the year and that can only mean one... more

It's been a LONG week.....It's time to surf, chat, vent and be entertained....and the Sweet Spot can help you with 3 out of 4 of those items!! Some great music, a few laughs and hopefully a few insights will be coming your way at 9PM central... more

Words are powerful things and yet we throw them around so carelessly! Tune in and talk to us about the most powerful, most hurtful and the most HILARIOUS things you have heard...and an extra speacial gold star goes to the one who can... more

What's all that shrieking and screaming about?? It's teachers, parents and students all across this country confronting the common gore....one of the most terrifying things out there this Halloween! Forget the fake blood and eyeballs... more

We all LOVE a good roller coaster!!! Ok...well by 'we' I mean the cool people. We love feeling like we are flying right out of our seat...we LOVE having our life flash before our eyes....and we love that feeling you get right before we HURL! Most... more

This past week it seemed the word PINK was coming up an awful lot...from Breast Cancer Awareness to that pesky pink elephant that keeps rearing it's ugly little head...I have been surrounded by pink! Finally I took the hint and said OK!! I'll do... more

It has been one of those weeks my friends!!! Have you ever gotten pushed so hard, gotten so frustrated...gotten SO FED UP that you just SNAP!? No...I'm not talking about poisoning the neigbor's dog or painting your body green and telling... more

Ya know you want it....ya know ya need it.....ya know you fatasize about it often....admit it....we ALL want a SWEET ESCAPE!!! Whether Calgon is taking us away or a 707....there is nothing sweeter than an escape from all the craziness... more