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Javon McCord

Black Talk


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My show is designed to speak on the injustices of America and the mistreatment of alot of minority citizens in this country and around the world.

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James holmes and the aurora colorado massacre should gun laws be more strict?

With the recent events in Colorado do the candidates need to have a broader discussion when it comes to gun violence and gun laws. JAMES HOLMES......special guest former talk show personality with wcxj, Mark McCune

Although 90% of all white murders are whites killing another white person there is not a term called white on white crime.. but the term black on black crime is used in cases of blacks killing blacks why is there a difference in the media coverage?

Will Barrack Obama be elected again and if you voted for him why did you vote for him? Who is Mitt Romney? Did George Zimmerman racially profile trayvon martin? I want feedback from you on these critical issues that effects all of us.

George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin, jerry Sandusky, Penn State, Politics, sports, entertainment.

I want to talk about the issues facing black americans and the issues this nation is facing. Obama, romney, voter i.d. laws.

I feel the voter i.d. law is racist and targets minorities and the election 2012 hinges on this law being passed. How do you feel about this law

I want to talk about issues that matter the election 2012, the economy and the elephant in the room ....racism.