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Hello All! Welcome to the BLACK POLITICAL BUZZ Blog Talk Radio Broadcast! My name is Laurel (Show Host, Blog Author & Publisher). I Blog and Broadcast my Radio Program with a focus on POLITICS, Business, and occasionally Entertainment. FACTS ABOUT LAUREL: African-American, Female, Intelligent, Very Attractive, Happily Married Credentialed 2012 DNC Convention Media Correspondent, Political Blogger/ Commentator Grassroots Activist, PROFESSIONAL STATUS: Political Blogger/ Commentator, Licensed Health Care & Medicare/ Long-Term Care Insurance Agent, Trained Paralegal (UNC-Charlotte), Intelligent Registered Independent Voter, Original Native of BROOKLYN, NY I Currently reside in CHARLOTTE, NC Wife, Mother, Sister, Woman of GOD, Loyal Friend, Blood-related to a Charlotte Politician I’m Nice but don’t get it twisted because my Mind is Sharp! R.I.P. Dad (Mr. Peter Kelly formerly of Brooklyn, NY; Deceased since 2003) BLACK POLITICAL BUZZ BLOG TALK RADIO BROADCAST LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Since You’ve Chosen to Visit, Read & Listen the Contents of this Radio Program by Personal Choice, and of Your Own Free Will, Please don’t ask me to Compensate you for Expressing individual Commentary/ Posted Articles, which are protected by the First Amendment, citing Freedom of Speech & Freedom of Expression. No Intentionally Malicious Slander, Libel or Defamation of Character content will be published and I will always Credit all Sources. NOTE TO ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS, APPOINTED OFFICIALS & PUBLIC FIGURES: Per the Landmark U.S. Supreme Court Case: 1964 case of New York Times v. Sullivan……… The Public has a Right to Criticize the People who Govern them, so the least Protection from Defamation is given to Public Officials. When officials are accused of something that involves their behavior in office, they have to prove all of the above elements of defamation and they must also prove that

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On this broadcast I will discuss several different ways it appears the Obama Administration is Replacing a Western form of Government known as DEMOCRACY with a COMMUNIST type of Government known as "BIG... more

PART 3: ATLANTA used to be labeled "The City Too Busy To Hate", however now ATLANTA is known as "The City Too Busy To Be Straight". If JESUS or DR KING were to walk down the streets of ATLANTA today would they Cry or... more

The Role of U.S. Attorney Generals is NOT to Protect their Best Friends & Frat Buddies, even if its the President! Instead the Role of U.S. Attorney Generals consist of Protecting American Citizens according to the U.S. Constitution. If... more

Part 2: "You've been Tricked!" "You've been Bamboolzed!" "You've been Hoodwinked!" Quoted by MALCOLM X Circa 1965. Today on the BLACK POLITICAL BUZZ Broadcast I continued my discussion of how Pres Obama &... more

PART 2: ATLANTA: "The City Too Busy To Hate!" What do Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp have in common with the City of Atlanta? Tune in to our Broadcast today... more

(Note: I apologize for a brief coughing spell I experienced while on the air.) PART 1: ATLANTA: "The City Too Busy To Hate!" During this segment we'll discuss the Significant role Atlanta plays in BLACK America & how its direct link to the... more

Part 2: LIVE SHOW!! The Latest Scandals haunting Pres Obama's Administration are: BENGHAZI, IRS & SPYING ON THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Will these Scandals evetntually lead to Pres Obama's IMPEACHMENT? Will these... more

Part One: Today on the BLACK POLITICAL BUZZ Broadcast I discussed Pres Obama's recent Commencement Speech at MOREHOUSE College in Atlanta. As expected the theme of his Speech when addressing predominantly BLACK... more

PART 1: Pres Obama's Administration has been very Effective in Eliminating Al-Qaeda Leaders but did they secretly Investigate the ASSOCIATED PRESS because of an Article published in 2012 via the NEW YORK TIMES which... more

PART 2: Today on the BLACK POLITICAL BUZZ broadcast we'll continue our discussion on the growing problem of Division w/in the BLACK American Community via BLACK ELITISM, & explore Solutions to repair this breach. My... more
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