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Part 2:

"You've been Tricked!"  "You've been Bamboolzed!" "You've been Hoodwinked!"  Quoted by MALCOLM X Circa 1965.

Today on the BLACK POLITICAL BUZZ Broadcast I continued my discussion of how Pres Obama & DEMOCRATS tricked Gullible BLACK Voters.

In 2008 Millions of BLACK American Voters were led to the Polls like Obedient Mice following the "Pied Piper" i.e. Barack Obama.

DEMOCRATS captured 97% of the Collective BLACK Majority Vote, 60% of the Latino Vote & 43% of the WHITE Vote.

BLACK Voters Supported DEMOCRATS & Barack Obama's campaign in large numbers without carefully Vetting his Platform.

We did so because we preceived him as a Qualified BLACK Man and due to the "Group Think" Mentality within BLACK America.

Barack Obama is a Political Genius who managed to run an EXCELLENT Campaign with Media in tow,  thus he mesmerized more than 60% of the American Electorate. 

Including ME!!

However following his Election, we soon learned his EXCELLENT style of Management demonstrated on the campaign trail was NOT demonstrated in the Oval Office.

Instead Pres Obama chose to Delegate much of his Key Leadership Decisions to Senior Advisers:  Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, David Plouffe, Dan Pfeiffer, etc.,

Post 2008 Election there was very little done for the Collective BLACK American Community.

Post 2012,  BLACK Voters are now being replaced by Latino Voters & GAY Voters.

Key DEMOCRAT Leaders appear to be Complicit in a Scheme to hold BLACK Voters hostage in a Brainwashed Induced Election Scam.

Its time for BLACK Voters to WAKE UP!

DEMOCRATS don't own the BLACK Vote!

We need to Launch more BLACK-Owned Businesses & consider Supporting Candidates from other Political Parties, including Third Parties.