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PART 1:    Pres Obama's Administration has been very Effective in Eliminating Al-Qaeda Leaders but did they secretly Investigate the ASSOCIATED PRESS because of an Article published in 2012 via the NEW YORK TIMES which revealed a CIA leak?

Did the NEW YORK TIMES Contribute to Ambassador Stevens' Death in Libya??

Today on the BLACK POLITICAL BUZZ Broadcast I discussed how Pres Obama's Managerial Style of "LEADING FROM BEHIND" does appear to be creating an atmosphere for frequent Embarrassing Government Scandals to occur and how these Scandals are adversely affecting America's Global Ranking.

Why is Pres Obama "LEADING FROM BEHIND" when he knows "LEADING FROM BEHIND" is Not an Effective Style of Leadership for U.S. Presidents?

In 2008 while on the campaign trail, the Mainstream Media pegged Barack Obama as "NO DRAMA OBAMA" because he ran such an Orderly, Straight-laced Campaign Organization.

So how did he go from "NO DRAMA OBAMA" to "LEADING FROM BEHIND",  after being Elected President?

We want to know why Pres Obama's Administration allowed the IRS to target WHITE Conservatives, Christians & some BLACK Voters who dared to question the DEMOCRATS' Agenda of ABORTION RIGHTS & GAY RIGHTS?  

And where are the JOBS?

Media Pundits are only reporting on how the IRS targeted WHITE Conservatives & Christians, but from 2009 to 2013 the IRS also Terrorized BLACK American Citizens.

Why did Obama's Adminstration allow the IRS to engage in acts of Political Intimidation on both the Federal and State Level against U.S. Citizens who disagreed with his Political Agenda, or as a tactic to besiege an entire Ethnic Group for Political Gain?

We want to know why & what he Pres Obama plans to do about resolving these troubling events ASAP?