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Today on the BLACK POLITICAL BUZZ broadcast we'll discuss the growing problem of Division w/in the BLACK American Community, "HOW BLACK ELITES ARE DESTROYING THE 21ST CENTURY AMERICAN BLACK COMMUNITY"  & explore Solutions to repair this breach.

My topic is in response to how rudely CHARLES RAMSEY (a BLACK Man) was treated by BLACK ELITES who Disrespected him after he Courageously helped to FREE three Young Women & a little Child previously held Captive by Monstrous, Child Abductor/ Rapist ARIEL CASTRO.

Historically speaking, Well-educated BLACK People were not labeled as "BLACK ELITES",  instead they were simply regarded as members of the American BLACK Community who sacrificed their lives and often endured extreme Racism while pursuing High School Diplomas & College Degrees.

In fact thousands of BLACK American Citizens walked miles & miles in the Hot Sun, Rain and sometimes in the Snow just to attend School because they knew that Education was their ticket to Liberty and Opportunity in this Country.

The late Dr Martin Luther King Jr was a Great Well-Educated BLACK Man, who Cared deeply about Education and used his Good Fortune to help Uplift the Collective BLACK American Community.

Dr. King knew the American BLACK Community was only as strong as the weakest link, thus he sought to erase weak links by working hard to help the entire BLACK Community become Self-Sufficient via Education & Opportunity.

The American BLACK Community has grown Cold,  become very Selfish, Vindictive, Hateful & appear to be hell bent on destoying one another versus helping to Uplift our Collective Community

What factors created this rift among us? 

Where did this Divisiveness come from? 

How can we repair this rift among us and once again become a Strong, United people??