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Black Basics

Black Basics


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There is no need to to convince anyone that you take care of your kids, if you really take care of your kids. That is a private matter, and if you are doing right by your children, then you do not have to convince anyone, your actions will speak... more

I grew up on rap and R&B just like many other people in the community, but as I grew older, I started to look at our music through a different lens. Our music incites a lack of respect for women and black men. It promotes drugs, violence,... more

So many of our children are born to young parents, and one of the most popular gifts we have waiting for them is the empty promise to become a professional athlete. Listen guys, between professional baseball, football, and basketball,... more

We wrap up from last week and move on to the, "Best time, if any, to have Children with the Men of our Community." I discuss the age in which they are generally mature enough to handle such an enormous responsibility.

This shw is about what I will teach my daughter to look for in a man once she starts to date. Also, I will raise my son according to these same principles. It is truely a revelation to know that there will not be that many elegible suitors out... more

I see so many people that are tired of living life day to day and paycheck to paycheck. I have talked to some of these people to find out what it took to get them on the right track.

Let's face it welfare isn't going away and neither are it's recipients. I am tired of knowing that part of my paycheck (in the form of taxes) is going to some guy or gal, sitting on the sofa watching soaps all day. They do not care about getting... more

Come on! Self esteem is not the price of your shoes or cloths. It's not the model of your car. It's not the number of tats you have, amount of dope you sell or the size of the crew you hanf around. Let's talk about what self esteem means... more

Where do we spend our money and what do we buy with our money? Will our spending practices make us better off financially?

Stop expecting something for nothing. Pay for what you get and get what you pay for. Many times we look for the hook up, but we do not think about the impact it has on others. Stop and think before you act.