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Frederick Douglass
(February 14, 1818 - February 20, 1895)

"Without struggle, there can be no progress."

The life and words of Frederick Douglass teach us that life may be a struggle, but that through perseverence and faith in ourselves we can hurdle all obstacles. As a man who, once a slave, gained freedom and became very influencial, he is an inspiration for all races to break our chains and realize our potential.

Frederick Douglass National Historic Site

LeCount Holmes Jr.  Motivational Speaking

"I inspire people to dig into themselves and bring out their true essence. To reach higher levels... To realize their true greatness! I delve into the minds and souls of people... To encourage them to leave the land of doubt and step into the world of possibilities."
- LeCount R. Holmes, Jr.

Available for conferences, in-services trainings, and other events, add a special ingredient to your organizations efforts with one of LeCount's workshops.

Examples include...

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Dressed in period costume, and utilizing his resonating bass-baritone, LeCount Holmes recreates the life and times of one of America's finest orators, educators and most prolific African American historical figures. Once finished with his oration, still in character, Mr. Douglass engenders questions and discusses life & modernity with 21st century students.

Phone:         713-521-0900 800-546-0540

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