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LuvMe by Wanda D. Hudson

LuvMe is a tantalizing collection of romantic and sensually charged erotic stories. Your imagination will roam in pleasure. Your body will explode with heat.

Sheree, Bertice, and Eva are a few of the sexy ladies in LuvMe that promise you your days, afternoons, nights – and everything in  between - will never be lonely. Read the words. Delve into your soul. Find your heart. LuvMe – Because Everybody Needs A Little Luv!
Author's Bio -
LuvMe is the second of numerous works that will come from Wanda D. Hudson, but the first of a collaborative effort. LuvMe, the fragrance, is the companion to this offering of romantic shorts.

Her first novel, Wait for Love: A Black Girl's Story, is available at all major booksellers. The next novel from Miss Hudson will be, A Sheltered Life, which will be available in the spring of 2008.

Miss Hudson will have a story included in the Zane anthology, Succulent - Chocolate Flava ll, which will be available in February of 2008.

Check out Missionary No More: Purple Panties 2 when it becomes available in November of 2008. Miss Hudson will be in that Zane anthology as well.

Please visit Wanda D. Hudson's website – www.wandadhudson.com - to read excerpts and to stay in the know about this sexy dynamic writer.


Wanda's Way

To join in on the action - 646-716-7710
Wanda's Way is currently booking for June! If you need a little luv  email - wanda_d_hudson@yahoo.com and book your spot with The Sexy One!

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