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A slice of Brooklynese attitude for the whole world, with current events local and worldwide, serious talk on hot button issues, and even laughs!

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Whether you're out of state or from New York, a transplant or a native, you've heard of the name Derek Jeter. Even if you're not a Yankees fan, you know the Captain of the New York Yankees. You know when number 2 steps up to the plate. All this, along with news and the laughs.
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Its the season premiere of WrestleTalk Radio. Sandwich is back and so is WrestleTalk, with news from pro-wrestling circuits all around the world - including WWE, NXT, Ring Of Honor, FTW, and more! Plus, a special interview at the... more

: ?#‎Vikings? Adrian Peterson "deactivated" on being indicted on child abuse charges in Texas, ?#‎Ravens? Ray Rice suspended indefinitely after video surfaces but, did the ?#‎NFL? commish act too late? Also, ?#‎Marlins?... more

With the passing of Joan Rivers and Robin Williams this year, there is a void in the hearts of everyone who knew and loved these people. While the world is grieving, let's look back on what made these people special. All that plus,... more

Where is that line between complimenting someone and flirtation? Apparently, some people have never gotten that memo.

What's going on in this crazy world? Robin Williams dies, an unarmed teenager gets shot, kids being left in hot cars, a stabbing at Grand Central Terminal, a livery cab driver in the Bronx is robbed and killed, and, that's just the tip of the... more

Savage, Moi, and, Double-R, dicsuss the latest news and inside scoup in Pro Wrestling and Sports Entertainment. Factions, recap, SummerSlam countdown, Double-R's reaction to Ring of Honor, all live from New York City's beautiful... more

Big doings in Nrw York and the tri-state area plus, current events, Lauren lets us in on what's hot in the movies, and, the same laughs and comedy.

Before cell phones, the Sidekick, IM, and, the Internet, how did you get around in life?

Countdown to Summerslam. Robbie E: Why WWE isn't on TNA's level, and more! Oh, and some programming changes as well.

A do-over of what was supposed to be last week's episode of On The Stoop - Social Media...and other stuff. That plus, the latest current events, funny news, and, laughs, with Double-R, Moi, Angie - filling in for Lauren, Ivy, Sandwich...I... more