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Stay in the know about new episodes and updates. is home of the Bringing Inspiration To Earth Show where we focus on inspirational topics in the self-help, spiritual, Children's Corner and Environmental Awareness genres. Join Host, Robert Sharpe 5 days a week, Monday - Friday 4-5pm Eastern. Our show time may vary depending on guest availability. Check out our Calendar for upcoming programming.

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Children's Corner: Bats in your Belly with author Dawn DePasquale Did you know that children get anxiety, just like grown-ups, but sometimes even worse? "Bats is Your Belly" introduces you to Layla, a little girl who just finished her first day of school and is full of the worries. But her worries are bigger than just mere butterflies in her stomach: she has bats in her belly! Join Layla and her parents as they try to figure out how to help her feel better—and get rid of those awful bats. "Bats in Your Belly" is an anxiety self-help book intended for parents and their children that gives them hands-on ways to manage feelings of worry and how to improve stress tolerance over time. The book features easy-to-understand language and bright, vibrant illustrations to grab the reader and transport him into a dancing, whimsical world. During the story, the reader gets to watch Layla's family as they try to help her to identify her worries and teach her kinetic activities to manage these feelings. Join Layla today and any day the worries start to get to you and dance all your bats away! Dawn is the clinical director for Bell Mental Health Associates in Swansea, MA, and I work with children, families, and adults on a variety of mental health disorders. Click here to purchase Dawn's book from
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On-Demand Episodes

Kat Darden - Visionary Consultant Kat returns to take callers questions for a special 2-hour show. From Fort Worth TX, Kat has a no nonsense approach for delivering the information she receives.

Rashmi Khilnani author of The Divine Mother Speaks - The Healing of the Human Heart Rashmi Khilnani is on the forefront in bringing the ancient Mystery School teachings of Egypt, India, Tibet and China. She teaches and practices... more

Robin Linke creator of the Daily Angelic Guidance Cards Robin will return to the Mystical Cruise show to talk about and demonstrate her new Daily Angelic Guidance Cards. Be sure to tune in! For more information about Robin, her... more

Never Letting Go - written by medium Mark Anthony. Mark Anthony the "Psychic Lawyer" is a practicing medium who not only communicates with spirits, he is also a successful attorney, licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington D.C.... more

Today Starr will not have a guest. It will be open mic where Starr will talk to listeners about how you can't afford a negative thought.

Dr. Amit Goswami - author of How Quantum Activism Can Save Civilization Dr. Amit Goswami ‘s life work has been to successfully integrate science and spirituality, applying the principles of quantum physics in proving that... more

Ahura Z Diliiza is a natural telepath, healer and metaphysician who has been teaching, as well as doing readings, counseling, exorcisms and cleanings professionally for over 30 years. He is owner and headmaster of Unicorn Cove... more

Shu'em Shamanism Healing and Meditation with Stefan Wils Shu'em Healing is an effective, practical and elegant approach to create harmony and find inner strength and peace. It makes use of shamanism, the most ancient way of... more

Music to sooth the soul ~ Tonight is a music only show. There will be no guest or callers and I will only mention the CD and song names.. The chat room will be open for late-night mingling.The selections are brought to you by our affiliate... more

Jean Wallis - Visionary Psychic Jean returns to the Walk In Cafe with Starr and takes callers questions. For more information visit:
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