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United States, EnglishSpirituality is home of the Bringing Inspiration To Earth Show where we focus on inspirational topics in the self-help, spiritual, Children's Corner and Environmental Awareness genres. Join Host, Robert Sharpe 3 nights weekly, Wednesdays 4-5pm Eastern, Fridays 8-9pm Eastern & Saturdays 7-8pm Eastern. Our new Children's Corner and Environmental Awareness Shows tend to be on Mondays and Tuesdays respecitvely although dates and times vary. Check out our Calendar for upcoming programming.

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"On the Guest List: Adventures of a Music Journalist" is the journey of Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta, who went from a shy, bullied teenager to an award winning journalist, having a lot of fun meeting and hanging out with rock stars along... more
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Today Starr will be talking to listeners and callers about Spirit.

Jennifer Scott author of That's The Spirit Channel for 35 years, Jennifer Scott practices Hypnotherapy in Scottsdale, Arizona. Surprisingly, she admits that it was not her idea to write That's the Spirit. Her Guides asked her to do it in... more

Debbie Smith - Psychic Readings/Spiritual Guidance Medium Debbie returns to the show from her first appearance last month when she 'tuned in' to those on the other side. Listeners really enjoyed what Debbie was able to tell them.... more

Music & Talk from South Africa with special guest Doug Hoseck. They say "music soothes the savage beast'.. and that is the goal of today's show - to soothe and center the beast in us all. Today's guest, Doug Hoseck uses brainwave... more

Visionary Psychic Jean Wallis returns as Starr's guest. Jean and Starr will take callers questions. For more information about Jean visit her web site at

Transitions and Transformations - Thriving in the Midst of Change Robert's guest is Lisa Reed-Hurtt, author life coach and trainer. From Lisa's web site "Many people are journeying through a 'shift' of spiritual awakening. The timing of this... more

Do You Have An Aura About You? Robert's special guest is Pam Oslie. Author, psychic and personality expert for more than 27 years, Pam has a rare ability to see and sense auras. People's aura colors reveal important information about... more

SPONSORED BY: The New Era Times - An Online Newspaper for the Dawning of a New Era ~ visit Sharon Prince has been doing professional spiritual psychic readings since 1992. She was born with a gift of... more

Designated by Melchizedek as a ?Master Electrician of the Soul,? John F. Schulte is a powerful and pure channel for the Ascended Masters and the Spiritual Hierarchy, a potent Sound Healer, and an engaging Spiritual Teacher... more

Visionary Consultant - Kat Darden We welcome the return of one of our favorite people - from Fort Worth TX - Visionary Consultant Kat Darden. She has a living, direct, to-the-point, unique style and her predictions are very accurate. This is a... more
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