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I'm an observer of life with an opinion that will leave you in stitches. Always doubting everything and trusting nothing. Listen and fall in love but not the stalking kind.

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When food spoils we throw it out. When tires start to become worn we replace them. When clothing has passed its relevance we go shopping. Yet its very rare to remove a toxic individual or situation from your life. WHY is that? We take... more

Some men in America have decided they know what's best for women when it comes to our bodies and have decided to politicize our options. States have proposed or passed laws restricting birth control and more barriers regarding... more

Life can become a routine that leaves you unexposed to new experiences and people. The people that enjoy life the most are those who go out and experience what the world has to offer refusing to allow a routine to get in the way... more

January 24, 2012 President Obama delivered the State of the Union 2012 address to Congress and every American citizen. Some say it divided us more than ever. Others say the President finally shined the light on those stopping... more

Every book has a page 1. Every song has a first note. Every step has a first step. Every house has a front door. Every fool has a keyboard. WTF?! Listen to the first episode of many of The Real Awkward Moments hosted by Bishop. Life is a... more