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Gods Bishops

"God's Bishops"


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Welcome to "GOD'S BISHOPS". Our Mission in life's Journey is to repair the "Breach" in the Walls of the Body of Christ where failed OverSeers with poor character and judgement have caused the "Breach" and failed the Body. We believe leaders must first ourselves practice what WE preach and live those Beliefs in order to be the example that others should follow. As OverSeers, we must address the very Rudiments of this cancerous issue in order to heal and forward the gospel cause. Come join us week days as we minister through the Holy Spirit a Prophetic word, that when applied will break the yokes of bondage and free us to be who God intended, for His purposes! When in the "Trinity"....Nothing that is formed against us shall prosper and every tongue that shall rise agaist us in judgement, the Lord shall show to be in the wrong. This is what we inherit as believers from the Lord; this is the righteousness or the vindication which we obtain from "ME" says... the LORD!

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Have you meditated, prayed, fasted, praised, worshipped and you are yet stuck? The Holy Spirit is requesting your presense to hear His voice in learning how the Little Foxes.....Spoil the Vine. Join me as He reveals truths that unlock... more

Believe it or not, but we are surrounded by demonic spirits most of the time. No matter what our intent, they are always lurking in the background ever so subtle. They stalk you daily lying in wait for that opportune time as satan did JESUS!... more

Delve into exposing the constant demonic activity hidden around you, assigned to shut down, block and abort your destiny. JOIN US, let the Holy Spirit speak......

Stop the enemy from wreaking havoc in your life. Take Authority over Ancestral, Hereditary and Generational Spirits inherited. Break those generational curses and cast out those spirits, that You may control your own future purposed... more

The Blood of Jesus applied will grant many benefits that are unknown to non-Believers. Our sacred scriptures when invoked takes us to new levels in Him that the world knows NOT OF..... The Holy Spirit will Speak, Join us...

Traveling Mercies are forever present and available to Believers. We can DECREE a thing and it shall come to pass.....For the name of JESUS is a strong tower and His BLOOD covers us in times of trouble!!!! Join us and get connected... more

Close the DOOR of every demonic attack sent your way by using the keys and tools of the Holy Spirit...What about those familiar spirits that Wreak Havoc in your life? Let's do the work and get the job done. Join us, Saints.........

Lord, thunder upon the enemy; release YOUR VOICE; hail stones and coals of fire...Ps.18:13. Lord, teach my hands to war and my fingers to fight...Ps. 144:1. I am your battle-ax and weapon of war...Jer.51:20 ......SO, let's do this in... more

Have you considered releasing the Arm and the Power of GOD in your life? Let's take the authority and Command God's Arm according to His Word......I DARE ya!!!!!

Take Authority over your Day, by Releasing the Hand of GOD to Command the morning......Is the strongman wreaking havoc day end and day out? Are you awake in the wee hours of the night with no rest in sight? Let's bombard the... more