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Dr. Bill Mackie was born in Aberdeen, Scotland in1954. He served with the Royal Corps of Signals (Territorial & Army Voluntary Reserves) 1971- 1973, then enlisted into the Regular Army with the Army Pay Corps as a Military Accountant from 1973 - 1982. He joined Swaggart Ministries in 1988 as Scottish Director, then as U.K. Director, stepping down in 1993 when he returned to the University. He graduated from Aberdeen University with a Bachelor of Theology Degree in 1997. In 1999, he joined the Celtic Church in Ireland, and in 2001 was consecrated a Bishop. In 2004, he stepped down from the Celtic Church when the Holy Spirit advised that he should resign from that denomination, move to Edinburgh and prepare for Revival. In 2005 he received a call asking me to consider rejoining Swaggart Ministries, and was re-ordained by Brother Swaggart at Easter Camp in Baton Rouge 2006. He was for a time a self employed Security Consultant running security and anti - terrorism courses. Dr. Mackie is a Member of the Board of Directors of the U.S. based Chaplains Fellowship Chaplain’s Corps. He is also the U.K. Commander for CFCC. Dr. Mackie is also a Member of the British Society of Criminology as well as being a member of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies. (Both groups are based in London). He is also a member of the Handlebar (moustache) Club which meets in London. More recently Dr. Mackie has moved into the Governmental Offices of Apostle and Prophet, In January 2011 was appointed Bishop within the Tell Them Fellowship and Network.

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This service was recorded in Penmaenmawr, North Wales on Sunday 1st February 2015. The speaker is Rev Dr David Owen, Senior Pastor of the Rehoboth Revival Mission UK. Sadly the recording ended just before David... more

Continuing or study of Ezekiel 47. The Source of the River The Course of the River The Force of the River.

We are continuing with our theme of "The River" and we are working our way through Ezekiel 47. This is an important series of Biblical truths that many Christians are unaware of.

Continuing our theme of the River and using Ezekiel 47 as our text. Explaining why we need to understand why being baptised in the Holy Spirit is not an optional extra as many Christians suppose. There is a four-fold message in our... more

Continuing with the theme "The River". We are looking at Ezekiel 47 which shows usa the significance of the River, the source, the course and much more. Please join me today for part 2. www.scotlandforchrist.org www.rcbi-edu.org

This week my theme is The River. To that end we shall look at Ezekiel Chapter 47. The Church as a whole do not teach the whole Bible certain celebrity preaches only teach what they believe you want to hear. The Remnant Church... more

In America they have the words "In God we trust" on their dollar bills, but do they really trust in God? Do any of us truly trust in God anymore?

Revival? Revival! What do we understand a revival to be? REVIVAL should be Holy Spirit induced NOT man induced. The Rev Duncan Campbell was invited to preach for 10 days on the Scottish Island of Lewis. He arrived in 1949 for a 10... more

Where is your God? Who is your God? I have invited along some guest speakers today to allow you to get the jist of what my ministry is all about. God is sick and tires of us playing at Church. Before Christ left this earth HE created the church... more

Welcome to another broadcast from the King's Misfits. This week we continue with part 2 of Counterfeit Christians. There will be no broadcast on April 12th. but we shall be back at 2.00pm (UK) 08.00am (US Central) on April 19th. Check... more
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