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Greetings people of God, I want to bring out this topic because we have some many Bishop's/Apostles popping up all over the place......Is there a age limit on these titles and should I be Apostle/Bishop when I have not shown myself... more

Greetings to you all, I want to invite you all to join me tonight as we talk about the church and our commiunity......What does the church supposed to be doing out here........I am convised that we must make a change out here as there is so... more

Greetings Family and Friends, I want to invite you to be a part of this next radio show.......We are in a place where there are so many that are joining the church but they are not submitted to leadership......People of God I am not saying you... more

Greetings Family and Friends, I am excited to coming back after back surgery to talk about this problem in the church.......Can you put all the blame on the headship of the church or is it a the maturity of the people in the body of... more

Greetings Family, I am excited about this topic......Is there a place in the word that says husband and wife must attend the same church.....Does this bring confrusion into the marriage because you are learning 2 difrent things......I am excited to... more

Greetings Family and friends.......Please join us tonight as we talk about this very real topic.......As a lot of you know being saved does not mean you are thorn Elder Beverly and I will go into detal to help others to understand that the thron is to... more

In the time we live in we must be very carful who we submitt ourselvelves as well as our ministry's too. I find there are a lot of leaders out here that are not concerned for the people but concerened about getting or taking money from... more

I want to invite you to be a part of this wonderful show where we will talk about depression and how it effects those that are conected to you......We will also talk about the many Pastors/Bishops/Apostles/Preachers that have killed themselves... more

Greetings to you all, I am excited to anounce our return on this upcoming Tuesday to talk about Sickle Cell as well as Recovery from depression.......I will have 2 wonderful ladies on the show to share there story's with... more