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Bishop Wisor

Bishop Jack.Wisor


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A cry for the homeless, A messenger of Christ, A modern day Apostle, Preaching the Cross of Christ, the true Gospel is what is needed in today's world.

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A lot of people don't know or understand who God is. We can see we have missed the mark on understanding Christ by how the world is degrading around us. People don't fear the Lord any more. Because they don't know him.... more

Knowing Christ will be on the other side of the smoke screen to catch you is Christianity. Jesus gives you your protection before you begin to live life. People begin to doubt that and become lost in the smoke. If you don't know what... more

The answer to hunger and thirst is on the other side of the smoke. People get lost in the smoke screen. They are lost in an illusion. Either their own or some one elses. Some times a spot clears in the smoke. It looks beautiful and we fall... more

Bishop Wisor as a guest speaker in Locust Grove Pennsylvania Every heart has the goodness of God in it. But if we are trying our best whya are there so many in poverty? There is a smoke screen up. It's not that the church doesn't want to do... more

John 12:1-11 Just because you preach about Jesus doesn't mean you care about Jesus. Even Satan can preach about Jesus. Every one thinks they are a teacher. they do not care to instruct properly. Jesus started walking among those people... more

(Mark 12:13-17) There are many more teachings that will lead you to Hell than to Heaven. The Cross, and the teaching of the Cross is the only way. Adding or taking anything from it will lead you to Hell. Render unto Caesar that which is... more

(Matthew 28:16-20) Teaching is showing, demonstrating what God's grace, love and mercy actually looks like. Preaching is heralding the message. Preaching needs to be speaking from the heart. It is to touch your soul and get you... more

(Matthew 3:1-7) John was speaking the Truth. He had a good reason to. The axe head was about to come up out of the water. John had the chips flying. The Pharisees were just making noise. They didn't want the chips to fly. There would... more

(Luke 12:27-36) Some people are waiting and they don't know what they are waiting for. They say, 'Come Lord Jesus,' but they don't know what they are asking for. It isn't going to be what people think. He is going to come back and... more

(Luke 8:43-48) Pick one thing and fight for it. Our problem is that we want a bargain. Many people in their times of desperation are still looking in the bargain bin. Jesus says make one thing important and I will add many things. We want... more