Bishop Jack L. Wisor

Bishop Wisor

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A cry for the homeless, A messenger of Christ, A modern day Apostle, Preaching the Cross of Christ, the true Gospel is what is needed in today's world.

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The Purchased Possession
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I Reckon It's So

Mark 8:34-38 Prayer is a critical piece in our obediance to God. What is your aim? What are you asking from God? God will answer your prayers and questions by revealing more of His Son. the only thing God can see is the blood covenant of... more

Luke 15:11-24 The Blood and the Cross. The blood is for the forgiveness of what you have done. The cross is for who you are. For the new person you are to become. Did you sin against the blood of Christ or did you sin against the Cross... more

Mark 11:15-26 Pray as though it all depends on God, but live as though it all depends on you. Jesus wants you to come to Him, he does not want any substitutes. There is a devine personal moment that needs to happen between... more

Luke 18: 9-14 Jesus never took His eyes off His target. He never took His eyes away from the Father. What are you wishing for? What is your end? Your prayer is what you want to be; not what you say. Take careful aim Do you want to... more

Don't Hide Behind Prayer

What Are You Aiming For

What Are You Aiming For

Making History

Satan's Communion (Set up for Failure) Part 2 Mark 7:10-13 1. When you want to better yourself 2. When you want to help others People seem to want to knock you down. They say "Come out of your protective shell." Then they attack... more