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  • That's The Way She Is - What Jack Needs to Know About Jill

    in Women

    The Author Manchovian Prince will discuss his book,"That's the Way She Is".  You guys claim you don't understand us. Well, this will be your chance to understand your choices of women by being informed on the different types of women. Understanding the different types of women may help you make better choices.  This will also help women to understand how men see/perceive us given the behavior we display.  The book contains material that will education both men and women on how to interact with each other through understanding and communicating.  It provides insight on relationships and how to deal with issues that comes with them.  It also provides a wealth of knowledge on the diferent types of women.

    Alpha Woman
    The Crazy Woman
    The Opportunist
    Independent Woman
    Bisexual Woman
    Traditional and Submissive Woman
    The Slut and Prostitute
    The Nurturer
    The Spiteful and Malicious Woman
    Second Place Woman 
    Two Tupes of Ghetto Women
    An Assortment of Female Types

    It will also discuss the Maintenance Scale (Low, Medium, High) 

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    Help! I am hurting - Loss of Identity Part 4

    in Spirituality

    Help! I am hurting is an 8 part series that deals with the various issues that cause individuals to get stuck in a place of stagnation and often desire to give up. Join us at 8:30 PM on Thursdays as we deal with these obstacles and challenges faced on the path of your destiny and give you valuable tools to overcome them. 

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    Listen To Succeed with Communications Expert, Leslie Shore, M.A.

    in Spirituality

    Leslie Shore is a communications expert. As the owner of the consultancy Listen to Succeed, Leslie has worked with corporations, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, health professionals, and educational institutions to up-level their intra-personal and inter-personal communication skills. Her book, Listen to Succeed: How to identify and overcome barriers to effective listening, is currently used in four universities. www.ListenToSucceed.com


    Awakenings With Michele Meiche is Your place for tips and insight to live a more fulfilling life, and your relationships. Learn how to attract healthy relationships, and how to create a life you really love. Awakenings broadcasts live every Wed. 12pm -1:30 pm PT   Call in for Intuitive Readings #347-539-5122 Michele answers questions about Awakening, Spirituality, Metaphysics and Self/Soul Development. Michele also answers listener questions from email, twitter and facebook On Air.

    Email awakeningspodcast@gmail.com to have your questions answered or to share your insights On Air.

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    Readings With Rose - One Card Quick Readings And Answers For YOU!

    in Spirituality

    Geat News!!! I now have a website for those wanting more information, as well as for booking private readings with me.  Go toL http://www.readingswithrose.com  You can also find me on Twitter under @RosesReadings and now on Instagram as Readingswithrose!  Follow me!

    Each week I take one question per caller, draw one card from my deck to answer your question with the help of Spirit.  Please have your question ready when you call in because I'm limited on time here (only 1/2 hour) and I like to help as many people as I can in each show.  Private full length readings are available as well. If you would like a full reading, available via email, telephone or Skype feel free to contact me via email at "readingswithrose@gmail.com"

    For over 30 years my work as a professional psychic has been helping people overcome their doubts, heal their hearts and go forward in life.  My spirit guides direct the readings & they find specific questions to be the ideal.  The more specific your question, the more immediate & powerful the information. The future is entirely changeable & not set in stone. We each have free will, therefore, the ability to write our own story. 

    I will always tell you the truth with love and respect; it may not be what you want to hear and I may tell you something different than you have previously been told or something that is hard to accept.  Yet only accuracy and truth will empower you so that you can make decisions based on what is revealed.  I believe that my mission in this life is to help people.  I would love to help you discover the path to your true happiness!

    What people are saying about Rose and her readings:  Maria Deesy - Right on the money as usual Rose! Thank you my friend

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    Why do we lie?

    in Business

    Join Daniel and Johnnie as they explore “Why we lie” in our business environments, our social lives and even to those we love most. Is it our own insecurities that drive this behavior, the need to be viewed as the smartest person in the room, the belief that the boss needs to have all of the answers or something much deeper?

    An even deeper question is what price do we pay for this behavior?  This is a must hear show and we would love you to call in and let us know how you feel about this topic.

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    Actress, Comedian, Singer, Margaret Cho Joins in the Converstation Today

    in Self Help

    On today’s show, we're talking about using humor and other emotions to heal stigma with the fabulous Margaret Cho—comedy pioneer, fashion designer, LGBTQ & human rights advocate, three-time Grammy Award winner, and Emmy nominee. We’ll also discuss her new album, American Myth, and the inspiration behind both its songs and videos.

    "Healing Stigma on Left of Str8 Radio" is a weekly featured show on the Left of Str8 Radio Network, currently airing on Thursdays at 2pm PST / 5pm EST right here on Blog Talk Radio. Co-host Kevin Hogan is a high-profile stigma survivor, who's taken his experience and created the Healing Stigma Program, an amalgamation of peer counseling, seminars, workbooks, and classes designed to help in all areas of healing stigma. Co-host Scott Fullerton is an LGBT activist and host of two highly successful LGBT and ally Internet radio shows centered around LGBT issues, the entertainment industry, foodies, and books. Together, Kevin and Scott's goal is to shine the light on stigma and how to heal it in both the LGBT and straight communities, through guests who are able to share, educate, heal, and bring these stigmatizing issues to a new format.

    Check out our website at www.healingstigmaradio.com, and follow us on Twitter @HealStigmaRadio! Be sure to subscribe to Blog Talk channel to get information on all of our upcoming shows. Any sponsors interested in sponsoring the show or advertising their services on "Healing Stigma on Left of Str8 Radio" can email us at info@leftofstr8.com. Any other questions can be sent to contact@healingstigmaradio.com. 

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    "THSI's Launches New Free Legal Clinic" on "A Cup of Joe"

    in Politics

    The Human Solution International presents the new Self-help legal clinic! 

    Most people reaching out to The Human Solution's 501c3 are people that have been recently arrested and charged with crimes involving cannabis. They tend to be frightened, broke and naive regarding the looming nightmare.  finding pro bono help is rare and often disappointing. Public defenders are seldom willing or equipped to fight and so few cannabis cases actually go to trial that an expert  in the field with trial experience is very rare indeed. We have begun to create a revolutionary new solution. find about how it will work as well as several surprise guests that will be joining us for "A cup of Joe". Grab a fresh one and sit down and join us for this very important announcement on Coffee Party USA Radio.  Wednesday Night 8:00 PM EDT/5:00 PM PDT 


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    On the Verge: Wake Up, Show Up, and Shine

    in Motivation

    On the Verge emerged from Cara’s thirty-five years of teaching fitness and yoga and her lifelong dedication to coaching thousands of individuals to experience life fully — so they can do so over and over again. Her book shows readers how they can have more energy, enthusiasm, clarity, and confidence on a daily basis by learning to shift beyond their busy minds. Cara offers Verge Practices and Verge Strategies designed to help them do just that. Using techniques called outer stillness, meet your mind, gut checks, experiencing ripe opportunities, and more, readers will learn they, too, can experience the genuine way of being fully awake and alive that naturally occurs on the verge.

    Cara Bradley is the author of On the Verge. She is a passionate teacher of yoga, meditation, and fitness who has been in the trenches of personal transformation as a “mental strength coach” for over three decades at her Verge Yoga Center, retreats, corporate training sessions, and with teams such as Villanova University football and Penn State men’s basketball. She lives in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Visit her online at www.carabradley.net.  

    Music by Jedluckless.com

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    POSITIVE PERSPECTIVES Late Night Fun Night Psychic Readings with Melinda!

    in Spirituality

    Melinda's Late Night, Fun Night Psychic Readings & Music - ALL show long!

    Would you like to connect to your Deceased Loved Ones & Pets, Spirit Guides or Angels?  What do they have to say to you? Plus get answers to your questions about your love life, relationships, career or other issue tonight.  Callers are welcome all show long.

    Help support the show tonight - please make a love donation here:  http://psychicmelinda.webs.com/radioshows.htm  Your donation jumps you to the front of the callers & receive a longer reading!

    Psychic Medium Melinda Carver is the Official Psychic of the Tarot Guild and the host of Positive Perspectives.  She has appeared on TV, radio shows, at expos, conferences, fairs and stores around the nation.  She created her own line of magical products to assist you with your energy work, meditations, spells and rituals.  Melinda is available for private sessions.



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    Teaching Parents to Help Their ADHD Child

    in Self Help

    Teaching Parents to Help Their ADHD Child

    Please join me this Sunday, April 24, 2016, at 4:00pm, PST, as I welcome Lollie Weeks, AKA The Fortuitous Housewife, to the program.

    Lollie is a writer, blogger, photographer, social media marketing consultant, website designer, ADHD parent mentor, aspiring ADHD Coach, and a parent of 2 young boys, ages 8 and 10, who have ADHD.

    Lollie, is currently facilitating, a ADHD parent group, for parents with newly diagnosed children with ADHD. This group is just outside of Boston.
    Lollie's passion, is working with parents, as they first embark on their new ADHD journey. She would like to help these parents, and children, understand their rights, and find the proper resources, that will fit their unique needs.

    Lollie was diagnosed with ADHD over 20 years ago, when she first read Driven to Distraction. Lollie will be discussing her journey through child and adolescent years, touching upon the struggles, and her learning process, that brought her to today!

    Please feel free to call in and speak with Lollie 917-889-7025.

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    Your Life Matters! With Ivory LaNoue! "What Sets a Person Up to be Co-Dependent"

    in Relationships

    If you are in a relationship with someone who has a sexual addiction, a love addiction, or narcissistic traits, there is a reason. The key is back in your childhood. This week I will be explaining "What Sets a Person Up to be Co-Dependent".

    When you understand the subconscious communications going on between you and an addict/narcissist, you have tools to change things in your present life, and prevent yourself from going through a situation like this again.

    Tune in to "Your Life Matters", Friday nights at 10 pm Eastern Time/7 pm Pacific Time. Host, Ivory LaNoue, will be there to talk with, ask questions of, or get information about available resources for you. Join this community of supportive, caring people who really understand what you are going through. "Your Life Matters". Listen...learn...call in. You will feel so much better.