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For TEN years Annie Rose's MISSION has been to reach out to and Help those suffering from DIABETES! A Master Health Expert Annie and HER GUESTS will teach you how help yourself and your loved ones fight back against DIABETES! Learn how to Safely LOWER Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Relieve Neuropathy, Regain Energy, prevent SyndromeX and GET Off MEDS & INSULIN! Get SUPPORT with your diabetes! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BREAKING NEWS! Charles Mattocks aka "THE POOR CHEF" ~ and Annie Rose have come together as a charismatic and formidable team to help inspire and educate those living with diabetes, as well as the thousands that will soon be plagued by this disease. “Diabetes Across America” will be the voice for those who are seeking to have a better life by using preventative techniques and taking control of their disease through diet and exercise ~

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Annie's GUEST HOST is Michael Johns, a health care executive and conservative author and writer. He served previously as a White House speechwriter and Heritage Foundation foreign policy analysta. Michael & Annie will have a... more

Gary Mackenzie a former CBS Radio Anchor and Health Correspondent interviews DIABETICS and the tells his Story...Hear about lowering blood sugar, relieving NEUROPATHY, Getting YOUR Life Back and feeling ALIVE again!!

*(13 dead air then show is 31 min.)*Listen to a renowned researcher explain what exactly IS in The Blood Sugar Pack AND what EXACTLY do the over 1000 Bio-Available ingredients DO for DIABETICS??? TYPE 2 DIABETES can AND... more

(show is 18 min.)Annie has a IMPROMPTU appearance on The In Your Pajamas show talking about DIABETES and how you can Get OFF insulin & Meds with Angie...And YES Annie is in her PJs! Angie Goff is an American broadcast... more

PRAYERS for those in the wake of GUSTAV!Annie's Guest Host, MICHAEL JOHNS was White House speechwriter to President George H. W. Bush, a senior aide to former New Jersey Governor and 9/11 Commission Chairman Tom... more

Annie is Guest Host for Talk Radio Host Warren Michaels. She talks about the effects on U.S. VETERANS and Those in the MILITARY and there LOVED ONES at home! She also coaches Josie on how to help here TYPE 1 DIABETIC... more

NOTICE TO LISTENERS: there is 20-25 SECONDS of "dead air" prior to the show starting, your PATIENCE will be well worth it!!! Diabetes education and support. Learn how to LOWER your blood sugar, Relieve neuropathy, lower... more

DIABETES Education - " WHAT can I eat, WHEN should I eat, HOW MUCH should I eat??? " take notes during this show and NEXT show we will have a QUIZ. When we do this we ALWAYS have fun!!!

NEUROPATHY! What is it, what do I look for, WHAT CAN I DO ???....I feel like I am walking on glass, I can't feel my hands, I am seeing spots, the pain is so bad that I can't sleep...!

Annie interviews John Castagnini a renowned published author, poet, musician, producer, speaker and consultant. John Castagnini is the creator of the sensational INSPIRATIONAL "Thank God I" book series ( more
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