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UFO researcher, esoteric experiencer, and host of Paranormal Waypoint, Jeff Ritzmann joins BoA:Audio for an unfiltered and agenda-free jam session covering the wild world of the paranormal and the even stranger folks who study it.

UFO researcher Frank Feschino makes his long overdue first appearance on BoA:Audio to discuss both the Flatwoods Monster Case as well as his groundbreaking book 'Shoot Them Down,' which details the 1952 UFO wave... more

Longtime friend of BoA:Audio and UFO researcher extraordinaire, Peter Robbins, returns to the program for a LIVE edition of Season 8. We'll discuss all the latest happenings in the world of ufology as well as whatever else may come up... more

Guests Nick Redfern & Philippe Mora join Jeff & Jer to discuss rumaging through the National Archives for documents on UFOs, monsters, Nazis, and just about everything.

Creator and editor of Doubtful News, Sharon Hill, returns to BoA:Audio to continue our conversation about building a bridge between the skeptic and paranormal community. We'll also discuss the latest happenings in the world of... more

Aaron Cadieux and Manny Famolare join BoA LIVE to discuss their new documentary on the Bridgewater Triangle.

The paranormal's resident scallywag, Paul Kimball, joins the BoA LIVE party for a no-holds-barred and no agenda conversation covering whatever comes up over the course of two hours.

Incomparable conspiracy researcher William Zabel joins us to discuss Aurora, Sandy Hook, and other odd events from the past year as well as the latest on his research into the Columbine shooting.

The Rizzoli and Isles of the paranormal reunite in a special BoA LIVE / Good Parade extravaganza as Jeremy Vaeni joins Binnall for a discussion on JV's new book, 'Into the End,' his 40th birthday, and a plethora of other weird topics.

Odd paranormal stories, a Summer holiday to the UK, and an epic Canadaventure in search of beer with Jason Offutt on the next BoA LIVE.