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One of the most compelling and informative guests in recent BoA:Audio history, Kendall Carver, returns to update us on the latest happenings in the nefarious cruise ship industry.

Esoterica's crackpot historian Adam Gorightly returns to BoA:Audio for a discussion on his new book Historia Discordia: Origins of the Discordian Society as well as UFOs, cults, the Manson family, and probably a plethora of... more

For the first time in over four years, powerhouse UFO researcher and historian Richard Dolan returns to BoA:Audio for another enlightening conversation about the UFO enigma, disclosure, breakaway civilizations, and all sorts of... more

Dr. Tyler Kokjohn returns to BoA:Audio for a live edition of the program where we'll discuss how to apply science and scientific thinking to the paranormal.

Returning to BoA:Audio for the first time since Season One, pioneering MILAB researcher Melinda Leslie joins BoA:Audio, Season 8 in a LIVE edition of the program where we get an update on her work and what she's been up to after all... more

BoA:Audio, Season 8 goes LIVE once again with another jam packed edition of the program. In the first hour, paranormal researcher, blogger, and podcaster Lon Strickler joins us to discuss his work exploring the esoteric as well as his... more

JV and Binnall reunite for another edition of The Good Parade. This time around, the gang will celebrate Wrestlemania XXX and we'll also share some life stories, including the tale of Jer beating up a 9-year-old girl.

In a special Saturday night edition of BoA:Audio, Season 8 LIVE, Lobo Matias and Roejen Razorwire, hosts of the exceptionally eclectic esoteric podcast, Project Archivist, join the program to discuss a bouillabaisse of bizarre topics including... more

Crytozoologist extraordinaire Adam Davies makes his long overdue annual trek to the esoteric audio base camp that is BoA:Audio for an update on his pursuit of the elusive and dastardly Orang Pendek as well as his quests for the American... more

Eric Altman of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society joins BoA:Audio for a long-overdue cryptid edition of the program where we'll delve into all the latest happenings in the world of Bigfoot research, including the infamous touring... more