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Every week Binary Gamer will teach you something you didn't know about video games and video game culture. From lore, game mechanics, game theory, and the minds behind the games we love; prepare yourself to learn just a little more than you did about the games we love.

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It is with a heavy heart that we talk about the passing of one of the greatest creative minds of all time: Stan Lee. From iconic characters like the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and the X-Men it's hard to imagine video games without the... more

We are back in full swing this week folks and that means we're ready to get back into the swing of things. This week Tony sit down to talk about Tomba, the action platform/rpg-lite/adventure game from Whoop Camp for the Sony PlayStation.... more

We're finally back in America(YEA!). Tony takes us through his trails coming back from Korea and future plans for the podcast, as well as ideas for up coming episodes. It's time to get this show back on the road! It's good to be back.... more

As Tony's time in Korea draws to a close a quick word is probably the best option. It's been fun Korea, but it's time for Binary Gamer to head back home. See you all next week for another educational, and hopefully funny, episode of... more

Tony sits down to talk about the recently announced PS1 Classic Edition and spectulate on what games could come with the system as well as what the future of Classic Edition Consoles could mean for retro gaming and gaming... more

Going more off script than usual Tony sits down to talk about live action adaptations of anime and how some shows or movies just shouldn't be made into live action productions. Most anime based off games are great, but what... more

This week Tony sits down to talk more about teh Sea Dreamcast, but more specificly Sega's internet flaship Phantasy Star Online. PSO was a revolution in gaming that helped shapre what we know as online console gaming today, but... more

This week Tony sits down to talk about the Virtual Memory Unit or VMU, Sega's innovative and short lived memory card that brough new life to a part of gaming that had no life at all before: Memory Cards. The VMU did some... more

This week Tony sits down to chat about video production and the hurdles he's ran into recently. It's the classic story of Man vs Machine... only the machine is OBS and the man is Tony. So yeah... not off to a great start.... more

Tony sits down to talk about the expodential growth of Monster Hunter: World on PC and how things are looking very good for the franchise in the PC space. He also takes a hard look at the situation with EmuParadise and the future... more