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Understanding the problems of mainly the African American community

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This is the unofficial eulogy of the life and times of the dearly departed Bridegette Wimberly. It is the virtual homecoming for all her family and friends that are unable to attend her official ceremony Monday June 29, 2015 in Louisville,... more

This episode is dedicated to my brothers and sisters of the Christian, Islamic, Jewish and others faiths: I examine why it very hard to discuss religion within the African American Community. I look at how this subject has became taboo. I... more

The Trail of Noah, Christians, Muslims and Jews are called to the stand to defend the story of Noah! Listen as we present the evidence for Noah not existing without this key there is no Abraham the father of the three monotheist... more

The attack on the Black comunity through the killing and imprisonment of the Black male and the sparing of the female. The rise of interrace relationships between black female and White Males. The recent attack on Michael Brown... more

Since Black people came to America they have held a strong belief in GOD and the Church. This show examines this relationships and asks the conroversial queston has GOD forsaken the Black Community and also points out how the... more

While the internet had been credit for the so-called Arab spring creating protest and regime change through out the middle east it has failed the Black American. The Internet has only perpetrated an image of sex, thugism, and Buffoonery... more

Black Room Secrects exposes some of the common problems in the black community that are kept behind close doors. The subject of being Black and Gay, molestation, incest, statutory rape, and mental health are discussed.

We step out of politics and look at faith. The stuggle for woman who battles the odds and was able to be ounced cancer free. She battle stage four colon cancer when Dr's gave her two years live she overcame with her inner strength. This a... more

Understanding the D.C. Sniper John Allen Muhammad and what could turn hime into a cold blooded killer. The pain of a woman takeing a man's children. The role religion played.

As 2013, end the Black community still conforts the struggle of unity! Why have Black Leaders failed to unite the community. Black youth continue to rage out of control. Proverty looms large in the community! Black Women turn to white men... more