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Part 3 of our discussion on UFO. Our guest this week is Bill Nugent of Overcomers Ministries of Harrison, NY. Bill will be speaking on "Alien Abductions Halted By Jesus' Name.

Part 2 of our discussion of UFO. Our guest is Bill Nugent of Overcomer Ministries. Bill will be speaking on the subject "Leading UFO Researchers Confirm The Christian View."

Answers For The Paranormal investigate the UFO phenomena that is currently sweeping the world. Sightings in China, Manhattan, the Phillipines and other large metro areas. What are these sightings and WHO is behind them. We interview... more

We explore and discuss the growing fascination with Vampires and multitudes of today's youth practicing vampirism! Our Special Guest is Connie A. Huft, renowned author of "Know Thine Enemy" and expert on the paranormal. Connie... more

Halloween Special

  • by BillP222
You won't want to miss our next internet radio broadcast on October 29 at 11PM. Our guest will be author,speaker and paranormal expert Connie C. Huft. Connie is the author of the book "Know Thine Enemy". She will be talking about... more

Part 2 of the discussion regarding the dangers of using the Ouija Board to contact spirits. It's not just a game anymore!

Discussing the dangers of connecting with spirits through the Ouija Board.
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