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Nationally syndicated Independent talk show host, motivated by our God given right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, and self responsibility.

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Issues of the Day discussed by Bill and guests. Welcome to Bill Martinez Live, a nationally syndicated talk radio show that is committed to solutions over partisanship…involvement over invalidation…The United States over party politics. The best answers come when we are all engaged, involved and united for everyone's higher good. It's time for a BREATH OF FRESH AIR in News Talk Radio. It cannot be about Republicans or Democrats, Progressive or conservatives, the 99 versus the Tea Party…it has to be about life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for ALL Americans. This is why it is critical for ALL to be engaged in the discussion examining all aspects OF THE ISSUES to decide the direction of our lives, our family and our country. - See more at:
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TODAY WE FEATURE- SC Sherman, author of Mercy Shot. Steve has abundant stories on how guns save lives and protect families. remember when seconds counts the cops will come in minutes in time to call an ambulance for you. Also... more

TODAY WE FEATURE- Adrian Cronauer who knew Robin Williams and who wrote trhe original versio of Good Morning Vietnam based on his life as the wake up host on Armed Forces Radio-Vietnam; Gerald Posner speaks about the... more

TODAY WE FEATURE-Black Conservative-Chris Arps; Ron Kessler-FBI & Espionage; 9/11 & the World Trade Center-destroyed by controlled government demolition? Richard Gage tells the story. Welcome to Bill Martinez Live, hosted... more

TODAY WE FEATURE Len Long discussing suitcase nukes in the context of the Mid-east & his book The Brotherhood of the Red Nile; Lamar Waldron is interviewed on the Mafia´s role in killing JFK as detailed in The Hidden... more

TODAY WE FEATURE Dr Scott Gottlieb about the duty to quarantine if ebola hits the U.S.; Bill interviews Gerald Posner concerning the JFK assassination & his book Case Closed. Kevin Collins on Rabbi Raskin murder allegedly by blacks.... more

TODAY WE FEATURE discussion of Dr. Ben Carson`s comments on St Louis Riots; David Horowitz cuts to the chase urging republicans to stop pretending that this is a normal presidency; Paul Avallone, ex Special Forces Soldier who... more

TODAY WE FEATURE discussion of the bogus economic recovery-with 11 million less Americans in the labor force since 2008 with author Liz Peek; Chris Arps of Move on the Social network of African American Conservatives &... more

TODAY WE FEATURE discussion about the Global warming Hoax with NASA scientist Larry Bell; Sandy Botkin on the insanity of college & grad school tuition and what you need to do and discussion about how People and NOT guns kill.... more

TODAY WE FEATURE James Hirsen who discusses why media consolidation is a serious trend that can affect us all and why CNN is in the toilet. Michael ledeen discusses how Hamas is the troublemaker in Gaza and calls the shots and is... more

TODAY WE FEATURE Russ Jones of Christian Press News and Christian Press Service discussing Ebola and immigration; Keith Davies of Rescue Charlie Brandt and the death of Jimmy Hoffa by Frank Scheeran. Welcome to... more