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A new year has begun; that is the big picture. A new day has begun as you read this; perhaps that day has just begun (i.e. AM) or just ending (i.e. PM); that is the smaller picture within the big picture. The American day consists of a 24 hour time frame; however there is another way (method) of keeping track of the 24 hour time frame that does not use AM or PM. There is also The Creator’s method of time keeping, as well as keeping time; the Creator’s methods are found on and within the pages of the Bible. During the year of 2014 this country arrived at a “Y” in the highway; will this country continue to be spelled as AmeriCa or as AmeriKa? Will America continue to survive as a BIBLICAL Nation and country, or merely a country - per my last question? Is there a “God” or is the premise of such a figment of the imaginations of a particular segment of past, present, and future segment of the American population? Starting with program (podcast #236) this bottom line will occur - listener wise; you’ll Love the program or will hate such. The main focus however will be to reach those sitting on the religious and/or political fences, and to provide answers and solutions that go beyond the typical religious and political simplicity and rhetoric provided by the commercial religious and political institutions, businesses, etc., that use the various media sources currently available to us (We) the people. …..

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Podcast #239 features the audio monolog from Glenn Beck's (born 2/10/64) television program from 1-9-15, a re-broadcast from an earlier date. My original thought was to skip this particular episode as a BTR feature on this page, as I... more

Podcast #238 digresses somewhat from the contradictions pointed out during podcast #236 regarding hope and grace, and their direct connection to the word and action of faith, and the indirect connection to the word and action of... more

Podcast #237 is special presentation that features a special presentation via the Glenn Beck television program. That program has been edited to be free of commercials, advertising, etc. In essence Mr. Beck glances back into the past,... more

Podcast #236 starts the New Year in a different direction, but with the same goal - promote US Constitutional Government rather than politics, and Biblical precepts rather than religion. During this program Noel Benoist and myself start the new... more

Podcast # 235 is entitled Achieving Victory In 2015: this program could be and is indirectly sub-titled ?Hitting the Re-Set Button?. This podcast could also be entitled Putting The Pieces Together and sub-titled Connecting The Dots. In my... more

Podcast #234 is an informal conversation between Bill Clade and Noel Benoist with a ?back door? approach regarding how to achieve victory in the here and now as well as the sweet bye and bye. The backdoor approach is similar to... more

Podcast #233 features Terry Thacker, Noel Benoist, and myself Bill Clade, and is entitled Tis the Season - For What? In a manner of speaking this program goes full circle. The title of the program is about the center of the circle meaning... more

Podcast #232 is part 2 - with two sections of - We'll Never Forget OR Will WE (#231) a series that combines two days of remembrance. However, my question to you is this: Which date is the priority date to remember AND consider -... more

Podcast #231 combines two different type days for and of remembrance, Dec 7th and Dec 25th, hence the title of this podcast program whereas WE appear to have forgotten the REAL reasons for remembering. This podcast is Part one of two... more

Podcast #230 primarily deals with one topic - prayer. Initially, Noel Benoist explains why this particular podcast was done. Interestingly, Noel's introduction verifies information that dates back to the mid 1980's when Noel and myself... more
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