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Radio, television (cable, satellite, air, etc.), radio, newspapers, internet blogs and other “media” types are filled with news and “political” analysts (etc.). Very few however offer any solutions with regards to America’s overall decline as a world leader and power; thus the primary question should be “Why not”? There are many answers to that question, therefore I’ll “zero” in on the primary reason – MONEY. There are numerous tangents with regards to money; however the bible states (gives) two primary reasons that you can read for your self – if you are interested. The first can be found in Matthew 6:24, the second is found in 2nd Timothy 6:10 – one of the misquoted verses in the bible. If you read the verse in Matthew, you should realize the primary answer to “Why not?”- God. The secondary reason is the “principle” of the word “serve”, which is directly linked to 2nd Timothy 6:10 and the political, religious, and “human” perception of the word “love”; notice these words as well, “…have erred from the faith…” Thus another primary question “arises”, “What is faith?” Here’s another question: “What is ‘love’ -according to the bible? “Hope” you’ll follow (for “direction” ONLY) “The WORDOLOGIST” for logical, reasonable, common sense and biblical answers to those questions, and much more information. …..

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Podcast #233 features Terry Thacker, Noel Benoist, and myself Bill Clade, and is entitled Tis the Season - For What? In a manner of speaking this program goes full circle. The title of the program is about the center of the circle meaning... more

Podcast #232 is part 2 - with two sections of - We'll Never Forget OR Will WE (#231) a series that combines two days of remembrance. However, my question to you is this: Which date is the priority date to remember AND consider -... more

Podcast #231 combines two different type days for and of remembrance, Dec 7th and Dec 25th, hence the title of this podcast program whereas WE appear to have forgotten the REAL reasons for remembering. This podcast is Part one of two... more

Podcast #230 primarily deals with one topic - prayer. Initially, Noel Benoist explains why this particular podcast was done. Interestingly, Noel's introduction verifies information that dates back to the mid 1980's when Noel and myself... more

Program 009 is a re-broadcast of The Bible Mechanic from my personally archived program dated 1-15-10 that featured retired (1979) special FBI agent Ted Gunderson as well as one of the current The WORDOLOGIST program... more

Podcast #229 is entitled - And So It Begins part 2, a follow up to #228 - not #288 as I stated at the start of this program. Today is my wife's and my 2nd 28th wedding anniversary date; but that is yet another story. There is however a... more

Podcast #228 takes a different direction, as will some other future programs. I've often talked and written about the ?real world?, which is biblically described as carnal, secular, and other such American/English words from the preachers. ?So... more

Podcast #227 is not for those who live or desire to live in fantasy world, dream land, or have their heads in the sand and their brains where the sun don't shine. It's not a make you feel good program or a ?God has everything under... more

Podcast #226 is a re-cap of some recent and past podcasts using some previous topics blended in with some more current issues. This program is also a prelude to future podcasts and front line battle issues as well, that need to be dealt... more

Our Heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Glenn Beck and The Blaze Network for making this podcast possible. Podcast # 225 is a special presentation of The WORDOGIST (aka The Bible Mechanic) podcast which features something... more
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