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The WORDOLOGIST aka The Bible Mechanic


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A new year has begun; that is the big picture. A new day has begun as you read this; perhaps that day has just begun (i.e. AM) or just ending (i.e. PM); that is the smaller picture within the big picture. The American day consists of a 24 hour time frame; however there is another way (method) of keeping track of the 24 hour time frame that does not use AM or PM. There is also The Creator’s method of time keeping, as well as keeping time; the Creator’s methods are found on and within the pages of the Bible. During the year of 2014 this country arrived at a “Y” in the highway; will this country continue to be spelled as AmeriCa or as AmeriKa? Will America continue to survive as a BIBLICAL Nation and country, or merely a country - per my last question? Is there a “God” or is the premise of such a figment of the imaginations of a particular segment of past, present, and future segment of the American population? Starting with program (podcast #236) this bottom line will occur - listener wise; you’ll Love the program or will hate such. The main focus however will be to reach those sitting on the religious and/or political fences, and to provide answers and solutions that go beyond the typical religious and political simplicity and rhetoric provided by the commercial religious and political institutions, businesses, etc., that use the various media sources currently available to us (We) the people. …..

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Podcast #266 journeys from July 3, 2015 back to July 4, 1776 when most of the 56 members of the Continental Congress, on August 2, 1776, signed a document which established the Nation of America. This is a program regarding that... more

Podcast #265 is the continuation of an un-orthodox telephone conversation between Noel and myself, as we travel down the Gospel road talking to strangers, which neither of us, in all probability, will never ?hear? from, via the use of the... more

Podcast #264 is a non-conventional continuation of podcast #263; this podcast starts with the introduction with my third archived BTR podcast of The Bible Mechanic, dating back to January 2010. It continues as Noel talks about the... more

Podcast #263 deals with this issue: When is competition unhealthy, as well as keeping the proper focus. Ronald Reagan once stated that: ?Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in... more

Podcast #262 deals with this issue and question: ?Do we need change or do we need a return?? A superficial reading of that opening sentence and question might give the appearance that the words change and return are interchangeable... more

~~Podcast #261: During the past few months I've been observing and experiencing certain trends, patterns and methods being used by assorted persons and people. One of those trends is the use of labels, nametags, etc.,... more

Podcast #260 is part two, i.e. the continuation of podcast #259; you ought to listen to podcast #259 before you listen to #260, whereas the discussion widens to consider other possibilities. This ?widening? delves into the intent, letter, spirit... more

~~Podcast #259 is part one of a two part program with regards to the topic of the legalization of marijuana. The premise however goes beyond merely that topic. As Noel and I analyze the last hour of a three hour Glenn Beck radio program, I... more

~~Podcast #258 is a first for me and Noel Benoist, a type of podcast we've never done before. We superficially analyze about 14 minutes of a one hour television program. Most folks will think this podcast goes beyond a superficial analysis as... more

~~Podcast #257 delves into the picture language of program presented in podcast #256, from the real world perspective of everyday life here on planet Earth, as the modern day American culture and society heads toward the future with little or... more
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