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This wordology plus this Wordology equals this WORDOLOGY. “Huh - Say WHAT?” Okay, maybe you’ll get this instead. This is mankind’s numerical theological “formula”, 1+1+1 = 3 God’s. This is the Creator’s numerical “System” formula, 1x1x1=1 God. This entire paragraph is found - but not seen - in the Bible. This is what the physical Jesus told his disciples back then: “But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear”. [Math. 13:16] In other words, “The Bible states, but what is it saying to you? What is the Spiritual Jesus telling you today? [John 10:27] Using mankind’s numerical theological “formula”, 1+1+1 = 3 Gods, you’ll hear truth. Using the Creator’s numerical “System” formula, 1x1x1=1 GOD, you’ll hear The Truth. What numerical analogy method (formula) will you use as you listen to these podcasts? [CF. John 4:23 and John 8:47] Semantics or WORDology - you decide. …..

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On podcast #213 Brandon Arnold returns, after a long absence, to critique the movie ?Son of God?. We also discuss some other bible based movies from corporate Hollywood, and go into the accuracy of such, as well as some other... more

Podcast #212 features the Nov.4, 2009 interview with Bill Connor, originally broadcast on ?The American Voice Radio Network?. Today we live in a society whose culture is reprobate, a society that has believed the ?Christian?... more

Podcast #211's primary purpose is to introduce Congressional candidate Bill Connor for and from the state of South Carolina by returning to the past first. The primary section of this podcast was heard ?live? on June 17, 2009; the primary... more

Podcast #210 features co-host Noel Benoist, as we discuss some current day topics and issues, in conjunction with the Bible. This podcast was recorded using ?plan C?, and the quality, not the content, is not ?up to snuff?. Many, especially... more

Podcast #209 is rather unique - in retrospect. Noel and ?The WORDOLOGIST? (aka The Bible Mechanic) do not read or ?labor? from a script, etc. This program was recorded on Saturday June 15, 2013 the day before ?Father's Day? and a... more

Podcast #208 is a continuation of the previous podcast (#207) including the electronic ?bug-a-boos?. During the past months numerous topics and issues have plagued the current governmental administration. It could be stated... more

Podcast #207 is the first program since Noel Benoist returned from his trip to Vietnam. This is a conversational type of program regarding current day politics and religion in America. What you hear is what you get, whereas the... more

Podcast #206 is a two aspect ?salvage? program. The first aspect is the salvaging of America before it totally becomes Amerika. If you don't understand the one letter difference in the spelling and what it implies in the ?real... more

Podcast # 205 introduces an unknown - for all practical purposes - a type of individual that the listener might have come in contact within their own local neighborhood, an individual you might have rejected, but have hopefully... more

Podcast #204 superficially deals with three basic words and their various precepts directly connected to America's numerous founding documents and the resulting ?Americanism? way of ?life? - now being taken apart by other ?isms?,... more
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