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The WORDOLOGIST aka The Bible Mechanic


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For many years I’ve stated, in print and verbally, “Give people enough rope and they’ll hang themselves”. While that statement could be considered metaphorical and allegorical also, it does produce “real life” results - with regards to human nature, aka attitudes. Another method is this: “God gave us two ears and one mouth, thus we should listen twice as much as what we talk”. However, many people do not believe in “God”, and assorted variations thereof. Additionally, we have two eyes as well, and hands and feet. Thus the latter method is the way in which dialogue, debates, conversations, arguments, etc, can be started regarding peoples thinking and/or thought process, which results in what and who people believe. Oft times one’s belief is based on experiences. However that is a two sided coin, i.e. lack of experience, hence the expression, “Experience is the best teacher”. Benjamin Franklin once stated: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Telling, via speech or print, is relatively easy. Teaching is more complex. Involvement borders on the improbable, which returns “us” to my first sentence, and what these podcasts are all about - bottom lines - regarding the general topics and issues of politics and religion. …..

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Podcast #273 took me awhile to "get posted". Something I discovered is that Windows Ten, which I recently upgraded to before attempting to post this podcast, has alot in common with the King James Version of the Bible. Okay, that... more

Podcast #272 starts with the monologue from the August 18, 2015 Glenn Beck television program. Such sets the so called stage for a journey back to the past and the fallacy of modern day political correctness with regards to the religion... more

Podcast # 271 is a continuation regarding the whole truth, using the primary political issue and topic of Oak Flats and Apache Leap, AZ. What you will hear on this program, from Noel Benoist and myself, is the truth and nothing but... more

This podcast, #270, is part 2 of -What is More Important - Semantics or WORDOLOGY? The answer to that question is physically connected to the purpose and intent of law, its letter and spirit, as well as the enforcement of... more

Podcast #269 is the first of a series; the first because I didn't have enough air time. I'm quite sure the listener has that problem too, i.e. not enough time in a day. The first five minutes or so are somewhat of a distraction to the listener,... more

Podcast #268 is kind of a continuation of the last podcast Noel and I did regarding the W.A.Y. (#267). Hopefully this podcast will move someone from the real life reality of the theoretical church into the Biblical real world Body of Christ [Eph.... more

Podcast #267 is the whacky introduction to a program entitled, The W.A.Y. Telephone Program. The baseline for this particular named program is this bible verse: a) Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, b) as the manner... more

Podcast #266 journeys from July 3, 2015 back to July 4, 1776 when most of the 56 members of the Continental Congress, on August 2, 1776, signed a document which established the Nation of America. This is a program regarding that... more

Podcast #265 is the continuation of an un-orthodox telephone conversation between Noel and myself, as we travel down the Gospel road talking to strangers, which neither of us, in all probability, will never ?hear? from, via the use of the... more

Podcast #264 is a non-conventional continuation of podcast #263; this podcast starts with the introduction with my third archived BTR podcast of The Bible Mechanic, dating back to January 2010. It continues as Noel talks about the... more
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