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The WORDOLOGIST aka The Bible Mechanic


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For many years I’ve stated, in print and verbally, “Give people enough rope and they’ll hang themselves”. While that statement could be considered metaphorical and allegorical also, it does produce “real life” results - with regards to human nature, aka attitudes. Another method is this: “God gave us two ears and one mouth, thus we should listen twice as much as what we talk”. However, many people do not believe in “God”, and assorted variations thereof. Additionally, we have two eyes as well, and hands and feet. Thus the latter method is the way in which dialogue, debates, conversations, arguments, etc, can be started regarding peoples thinking and/or thought process, which results in what and who people believe. Oft times one’s belief is based on experiences. However that is a two sided coin, i.e. lack of experience, hence the expression, “Experience is the best teacher”. Benjamin Franklin once stated: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Telling, via speech or print, is relatively easy. Teaching is more complex. Involvement borders on the improbable, which returns “us” to my first sentence, and what these podcasts are all about - bottom lines - regarding the general topics and issues of politics and religion. …..

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Podcast #289 is the follow-up podcast to #288, i.e. our re-grouping. Pay particular attention to the end of this program, whereas a pattern repeats itself. Bottom line - you can continue to think, believe, and accept what and whomever you want.... more

This is a two part podcast; part two will be program #289.

CHANGE - when does it cross over the "line" collectively and individually? I have no idea how many people actually, really listen to these podcasts. Yes, change has affected everyone and everything - well almost every thing. This podcast is... more

Computer program issues continue. Unfortunately I'm not a computer geek, thus the issues continue - most likely on my end. Therefore this programs description will be posted on my Facebook page - at least in theory. NOTE: The program... more

Podcast #285 is entitled ?The Separation of Politics and Religion - 2016 Style?. Twenty-four hours have now passed since the voting ceased for the Presidential Republican Primary in South Carolina. Physically, for the most part, the final... more

This is the second post with regards to program #284 and the wonders of modern technology; more about such on my Facebook page folks.

This podcast is especially for those that listen to these podcasts and those that find me on Facebook as well. I can no longer copy and paste the program descriptions from a MS Word program to this description page. For this... more

Podcast #282 goes where no man has dared go before - Spirituality "speaking" that is. Of course some will disagree with that premise, but that ideology is also covered within this podcast. So here's two "bottom line" questions: 1) Is there a... more

Podcast #281 is a brief glimpse of the Amerikan politcal game that is esculating within America as an infectious disease, religiously called carnal and politically called as secularism. I take a trip down memory lane to my days in... more

Podcast #280 is a personalized reply to a specific individual regarding an inquiry via a Facebook post and comment. However, this podcast also is personalized to other non named individuals that can relate to the individual featured within... more
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