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"Community Matters" - 063

Bill Murray

Bill Murray

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(part 1 of 3) On this episode of "Community Matters" Bill Murray, once a severely abused child, begins to publicly tell his life story for the first time. Now that his parents have died he feels free to do so. Mr. Murray, a long time recovering alcoholic and drug addict, hopes that revealing his past will help explain his passion for serving the community and improve his effectiveness on both the forum he's founded here at LA Community Policing and the talk show he now hosts under it's umbrella. On LACP's "Community Matters" Bill advocates for members of society who are weak, vulnerable, innocent, socially outcast, abused, victims of crime, and the physically or mentally challenged. He often covers public safety topics such as domestic violence, child endangerment, missing people, homelessness, racism, victims rights, judicial reform and homeland security .. among many other things.
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