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Starting off as a vaguely gothic but otherwise fairly standard mid-60's soap opera, Dark Shadows arose from the minds of producer Dan Curtis and story editor Art Wallace (and later, unofficial head writer Sam Hall), working a very Daphne DuMaurier meets Charlotte Bronte thematic structure for over 200 episodes. But when faltering ratings and the threat of cancellation resulted in a "shoot for the moon" introduction of a literal vampire, the little soap opera that couldn't became an international phenomenon, not only topping the ratings but resulting in a long running paperback series, comics, fan tribute records and more! Breaking all established boundaries of daytime television, Curtis and company would take everyone from housewives and students to college professors through a seemingly endless parade of supernatural doings and occultic hoo-ha, from vampires, werewolves and ghosts to witches, zombies and a surprising degree of time travel... Shoddy sets, line flubs and hilariously hammy overacting await, as we discuss the history of Dark Shadows and its early 90's revival, only here on Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine! Week 34 Dark Shadows
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Act one of the convention circus is done and act two is coming up this week. So, in this "eye of the storm" moment, we'll give our thoughts on what has happened and what is to come in this crazy, Kubuki theater we call the 2016 Presidential... more

Just Another F-ing Show With Trump choosing a an even farther right loon as his VP and $hillary pretending she's gone all Bernie Sanders, third party folks like Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are looking like stronger contenders than ever.... more

Well, it's another wonderful week in the news, and we'll surely wind up touching on several salient points thereof. But honestly, when the nation...and Western Civilization, for that matter, are falling apart at the seams faster than a souped... more

In the wake of the surprising worldwide success of the James Bond films, moviemakers around the globe raced to put forth their own homegrown versions of M16's favorite son. Occasionally utilizing pre-existing detective/spy stories... more

While American audiences would later thrill to the likes of Clint Eastwood, Lee Marvin, Steve McQueen and James Coburn, one of the earliest "tough guy" actors of their vintage actually hailed from the UK. Noted as much for his personal... more

As we merrily roll along, down the path to our inevitable extinction, we're taking a break to stop and shit on the roses. Normally, one would be inclined to smell the roses, but when do we do anything normal? Seriously, though… we... more

Set up at the turn of the century, The Nikkatsu Corporation halted production during the war years, only to return with a vengeance in the mid-50s for a long run of genre-defining cinema. From the "Sun Tribe" films of a new, more... more

Many times, life can knock us on our asses. Sometimes it takes a while for us to get back up. When you do, it's important to dust yourself off, look ife in the eye and say "You hit like a BITCH!" You know all about the struggles we've... more

This week marks our fifth year on the air, and we're taking a long hard look at why we do what we do, In spite of low listenership and random on-air catastrophes, we're still here. Almost every week, for the last 5 years, we keep... more
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