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Starting off as a vaguely gothic but otherwise fairly standard mid-60's soap opera, Dark Shadows arose from the minds of producer Dan Curtis and story editor Art Wallace (and later, unofficial head writer Sam Hall), working a very Daphne DuMaurier meets Charlotte Bronte thematic structure for over 200 episodes. But when faltering ratings and the threat of cancellation resulted in a "shoot for the moon" introduction of a literal vampire, the little soap opera that couldn't became an international phenomenon, not only topping the ratings but resulting in a long running paperback series, comics, fan tribute records and more! Breaking all established boundaries of daytime television, Curtis and company would take everyone from housewives and students to college professors through a seemingly endless parade of supernatural doings and occultic hoo-ha, from vampires, werewolves and ghosts to witches, zombies and a surprising degree of time travel... Shoddy sets, line flubs and hilariously hammy overacting await, as we discuss the history of Dark Shadows and its early 90's revival, only here on Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine! Week 34 Dark Shadows
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In light of the unnoficial anniversary of the housing collapse of 2008, we thought we'd spend another two hours bitching about how rigged the game is against people like us. How manyof us are buried under a mountain of bills that never... more

September ended over a week ago, somebody better wake up Billie Joe Armstrong. But seriously, October is here and we're not surprised in the least by what's going on. All of the noise about Trump this and Hillary that is still just... more

Those missing Razzamatazz Radio should be ecstatic to hear of Robert the Taylor and Shan's defection to the cozy climes of Metropolitan NYC (and the dank smoke of Colorado Springs), starting with this week's At Eye Level! Join us for... more

As the rest of the world obsesses over the reality show known as the Presidential Debate, we'll be here making fun of them. Sure, we can jump on the bandwagon and rah-rah for Hillary and boo everything Trump but then we'd be just like... more

So, there's been a lot of acrimony benig bandied about concerning Hillary's "basket of deplorables" comment. Its hilarious to see all of the butt-hurt flying around. It's almost worse than when someone way more popular than us got... more

Did we ever tell you that we have no short-term memory? Yup... it's true... We have no short-term memory. Did we ever tell you that? Sorry... must've forget. We have no short term memory, have we ever told you that? It's times like... more

We've noticed a tendency for this program to get rather silly. Now,we do our best to keep things moving along, but we're not having things getting silly. Those last two shows we did got very silly, indeed. And that last one about Trump... more

As the summer winds down, we'll take another comical look at what's been going on in the world. Who needs vacation, anyway? Who the hell can afford to take a vacation, nowadays, anyway? So, come in from the heat and have a few laughs... more

Last week, we dispelled some misconceptions about the DNC and just how things went down, from someone who was there. We also talked about the rise of authoritarianism and the theory of "activation", and how that correlates directly to... more
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