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The show that launched not only a sequel a decade and a half on, but an equally popular movie series two full decades thereafter, the tropes and score of Mission Impossible have been used, referenced and celebrated throughout popular... more

If you're going to discuss Sam Sherman and American International Pictures, Roger Corman and Hemisphere Pictures, there's simply no way you can avoid bringing up the cult cinema of the Phillipines. While other directors like Cirio S.... more

Only in the 70's could a beefy, drawling television character actor change gears and morph into not only an action hero, but even some measure of sex symbol to an audience bedazzled by an aging, Vegas Elvis and the good humored... more

One of New York's own, scion of an acting dynasty that includes his famed father, controversial sister and indie film regular daughter, Peter Fonda walked a very different path from the man who raised him, in short order becoming the... more

A man of contradictions whose name's literal derivation is "from the shadows", yet is one of the most recognizable, well beloved cultural icons of our time. A Canadian actor, nearly all of whose performances were both lensed and based... more

Born in the Bronx at the dawn of the Great Depression, a young man falls in love with film...and specifically the burgeoning European arthouse cinema coming in from celebrated critical darlings all over France, Italy and even Sweden, whose... more

At the very dawn of the 1960s, a then-typically "Anonymous" book of erotica appeared on the shelves of the more specialized and discreet booksellers and bodegas of Paris. Generally considered to be autobiographic fiction,... more

A Russian-Pole cabaret singer and contemporary (and collaborator!) of Edith Piaf, Eddie Constantine made his fame in the bohemian Left Bank of Paris…first as a proto-Serge Gainsbourg chanteur…but more famously, as the... more

In the wake of the surprising runaway success of the Hammer Horrors, any number of budget conscious producers suddenly saw gold in them thar hills, ranging as far distant as Roger Corman's California production house (with the... more

How does a nice British girl out of Liverpool wind up as the figurehead of Italian horror cinema? One of thousands of feckless art school attendees during the beatnik era that both preceded and prefigured the sweeping cultural change of... more
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