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Nobody has all the answers.

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This is the tenth and final podcast episode in a series of ten episodes about building better business Abs and strengthening your business core.

In this episode we will discuss the importance of getting objective outside advice.

Perhaps the most important thing a business owner can admit to themselves is "I know that I don't know everything".

This is often difficult, since the unbridle optimism and belief in oneselves is what spurs entrepreneurs to take the calculated risks necessary to start, buy and grow their businesses.

However, the top executives of Fortune 500 companies, Top Athletes, A-List entertainers and successful political figures all avail themselves of professional advisors to provide them with objective and focused advice.

So should you - no matter how large or small your business is.

Most people make decisions based on their intuition and experience. They make "gut" decisions. But what if their core (gut) is not strong? What if they have to make critical decisions in areas that they have no experience or little knowledge?

If your business core is weak, your business decisions will suffer accordingly. Think of a business consultant or business advisors as a personal trainer to guide you to build better business abs. To strengthen your business core.

Hiring an objective professional business advisor is like an insurance policy. They are trained to look at the Big Picture, honing in on the weaknesses and flaws of the business and identifying ways to correct them.

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