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Special Guest Leo Seltzer

  • Broadcast in Paranormal
Bigfoot Tonight Show

Bigfoot Tonight Show


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I have enjoyed more than 40 years as a very successful Big Game Hunter starting to hunt Deer, Bear and Moose, Cougar in about 1964.. . I have little use for city life and have always enjoyed being only a few minutes drive from the wilderness areas. I understand the things that live in the bush far better than I understand most people. At least when I come across an animal in the bush I know what to expect, and why it acts the way it does. I know that the animal will respond to me based on how I respond to it. I can not say the same about a lot of people that I have met. We are still living in a Society that in some ways is based on stupidity and ignorance about the things that share this planet Earth with us. We seem to have this arrogance that there could no longer be anything living here that we don’t already know about. Nothing could be further from the truth. Also we need to have a serious look at how Book Writers and Movie Producers have had a powerful impact on the way people think and how much they have programmed our thought processes. It makes me very angry when I see the way Writers and Publishers can take a gentle and for the most part peaceful Being like Sasquatch and turn them into a horrible monster of the night, to be feared and destroyed. Then on the flip side they will take a family of Grizzly bears and portray them as gentle loving family members who have voices and talk and share emotions , and who we should love and cuddled when we see one.