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SC EP:298 The face was human like but bigger and wider

  • Broadcast in Science
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Tonight I will be welcoming two guests to the show. Mike writes: "Small mountain town outside of Tahlequah Oklahoma. Driving back from town like I had always done when all of the sudden I got a flat tire and forced my jeep up the road a mile and a quarter of a mile in on the entrance. I didn't want to walk back I didn't want to stop the jeep.

I later created a lot of damage to the rim and tire. It wasn't but a few hours after that we were sitting in the back room. I do believe we were intentionally flattened because the damage was consistent with sidewall issue. A newer Goodyear tire that I had for several months. What I seen was a large man like creature looking at us from the back window of a trailer home my now ex resided with her family. It was large about 8-10 ft tall shoulders were at bare minimum of 3feet wide I wouldn't say it was bigger then that.

The hair was a combination of yellow and grey matted type of fur at the base and long actual blond hair coming off of that. The face was human like, a bigger and wider version of a mans face however the major difference was the width of the mouth. The width of the mouth reminded me of a "cymbal monkey toy" from the movie toy Story 3.

The lips were thin and reached were out cheeks would be at. That's the best I have to describe the mouth. Which was the feature that came to me as looking monkey like but mostly man-like. I noticed the lips would go from resting together to a wooing pucker and back. No noise or sounds. This thing had a wide and flattish nose with some freckles on either side of the bridge of the nose. Between the cheekbone and the bridge . Eyes were large almond shape and dark and with an occasional blink.