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SC EP:294 I had it in my crosshair’s set for a headshot

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Bigfoot Hotspot

Bigfoot Hotspot


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Lee writes “I saw both bigfoots in the same place.

First in January 2008 I was deer hunting, the wind was blowing slightly in my direction. It was a little after 4 pm, I was watching a nice size buck making his way down a ditch toward my direction. The buck stop suddenly and was staring to his left (my right) looking toward a small food plot. I looked in time to see a bigfoot measuring 7′ to 7’6” walking into a thicket. It had reddish brown hair. Didn’t see the face but did see the right hand and fingers.

The creature was probably about 45 yards away. The second time was in December 2011 I was hunting in the same place, just moved my stand on the other side of the ditch. It was about 3 pm. I just got in the stand and saw a deer running hard down the ditch then turned and headed my way. Right behind the deer probably 90 yards or so was a very large male bigfoot.  I know he was male because I had a good long look at him through my scope.

The deer had been run hard. It’s tongue was hanging out and was deep chest breathing, when the bigfoot got to were the deer turned to head my was be stopped and looked at me. He knew I was there and was not happy. He made a gesture showing that he was pissed. He probably stared at me for a good 30 to 40 seconds then turned and walked back the way he came. I think there may have been another bigfoot to a left ( the direction he was running the deer) because as the Bigfoot left I heard a deep rumbling growl from a thicket over a hundred yards way. I know this Bigfoot was a different one than the first one. The second one was grey/black and the face looked just like “patty”