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This is our old iTunes rss feed from blogtalk radio. Because the sound quality is so poor we have opened a new iTunes account with a high quality rss feed. Search Bible Thumping Wingnut on iTunes and subscribe to the new feed. You will know you have the correct iTunes account by the blue picture of Tim, BTWN.

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Welcome to our 21st episode! This one is a roller coaster ride as we have some fun at Colin's expense, and we also deal with the issue of Robin Williams' suicide. The show starts out by recognizing the top 5 listening countries, cities, and... more

BTWN Episode 20 - Election Part II - Objections Answered by Matt Slick of CARM Lots of announcements this week as our ministry is growing at an unexpected pace. We have a new Logo that is now being used on all of our social media... more

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After going through our listener feedback, we remind our listeners that we now have a new iTunes feed from our Sound Cloud account. We set this up so we can offer our listeners better sound quality, so please go subscribe to our new... more

Have you ever had your favorite radio show read your email or play your voicemail live on their show? That's how we start our show every week! We have several ways you can leave us your feedback, you can call 720-789-BTWN and... more

If you are listening on iTunes or Blog Talk Radio, follow the link below to hear Episode 17 with higher quality: Is your church ?Purpose Driven?? What's wrong with a so-called... more

BTWN Episode 16 - Dr. James White Debate Review, Len's Debate, Mixlr Music Time On today's episode we start listening to voicemail and answering an email from a listener about the bible and how we know as Christians that God is not... more

On this episode we discuss a new podcast we all enjoy called ?Reformed Pubcast.? Les and Tanner are the hosts and they talk about reformed theology, craft beer and home brewing. Listen to clips from the new video released from... more

Albert Mohler discussed the Supreme Court of the United States and their decision to over rule the ?35 foot buffer? rule for abortion protestors. Pastor Jon Speed of Babies are Murdered Here weighs in on the decision and how it effects... more