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Broadcasts from the Basement

Broadcasts from the Basement


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Broadcasts from the Basement is the show where two pseudo intellectual millennials talk about video games, films, and nerd culture as a whole.

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After a busy week, the boys invite their good friend Patrick Warburton (Family Guy, Emperor's New Groove, Hoodwinked) over to the basement to talk about a topic that is crazily still prevalent - Pokemon! As you will soon hear, this is... more

It's episode 10! We congratulate you for making it this far - we barely did. In this celebratory event, Jack and Casey talk about the Doom and Overwatch Betas, Jack's growing catalog of 3DS games, and Casey's New Year Resolution that's... more

Jack and Casey come back from their break unprepared and talk about their unpreparedness and turn it into an episode somehow. Jack compares himself to Blake Griffin, while Casey uses weird sexual metaphors to describe Enter the... more

**DISCLAIMER** We had a bit of an issue with Jack's audio this week, so we apologize for the strange audio quality. After a week off, the gang is back with another entry in our Movie Review Spinoff Cast. Listen as we talk about... more

Sup bros! Rick & Morty here to play an old, crappy, vintage episode from the dweebs at Broadcasts from the Basement. They're on vacation, so stay tuned next week for an episode about the bro movie Everybody Wants Some!! about... more

In today’s episode we’re gonna take you to school. So sit down, shut up, and grab yourself a Gamecube controller because Jack and Casey are going to take you on a journey to 2001. In response to some listener suggestions - We talk... more

Jack and Casey get a very special guest this episode, the star of Archer himself, H. Jon Benjamin! Jon gives us the inside scoop on what it was like filming the indie classic, Wet Hot American Summer! The gang also talks about the... more

WHEN PODCASTS COLLIDE! Six episodes in and the basement boys have their first crossover with another gaming podcast, You Should Play This! Jeff and James (aka Babomb and Doser) team up with Jack and Casey in this episode,... more

Jack and Casey venture out into the real world and watched Hail, Caesar! at a theater that looks like something out of a 70’s horror film. In this episode we talk about why we enjoyed the movie as much as we did, and if it appeals to people... more

The basement gets a little crowded in this episode, as we welcome our first guest on the show, Justin! Our friend who works in the biz helps class up the joint as we discuss the history of horror games, and why some of the old ones still scare us... more