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The Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Radio is a weekly radio show hosted by the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal team based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The team is made up of 4 paranormal experts who all have extensive field research and other credentials in the paranormal studies. With frequent authors, researchers, film makers, and other individuals as guests, This is one show you don't want to miss! Tune in!

On-Demand Episodes

Legends have arised for thousands of years of men, women, and children being consumed by large plants. Are these legends true? Or are they just myths? Tune in to BFP Radio on this special night to find out!

"Zombie- A dead body that has been brought back to life by a supernatural force." The BFP Team will be debating on several topics on zombies and its implications. Tune in to listen to another great night of Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Radio.

Dennis Whitney, ufologist and paranormal researcher, joins us for another great night of conversations of the strange and the paranormal on BFP Paranormal Radio! Dennis will be speaking with us on topics such as: alien crashes and... more

Author Steve Alten's new book release "Hell's Aquarium," sparks a great show on Bigfoot's Pad Paranomral Radio. Steve was featured on the giant sharks and Megalodon episode of Monsterquest and will be speaking with us about this... more

Art Campbell has investigated ufos for over 30 years and speaks about ufo crashes he's investigated and ufo landings. Most notably known for his work with the San Augustin ufo crash, Art is a veteran in ufo studies and joins us for this... more

Stanton Friedman, known world-wide for his ufology studies and media publications joins us once again for an unforgetable night on BFP Radio. We will be speaking on topics covering updates from last show, ufo crashes, alien... more

Bill Tracer, remembered by his original appearance with the BFP Team on our original broadcasting of "Theory Of The Reptoids" will be our guest for a contuation of this great topic. One of our most popular shows EVER to appear... more

Frank Feschino Jr, author and tv personality chats about his books "The Braxton County Monster — The Cover-Up of the Flatwoods Monster Revealed" and "Shoot Them Down" on an extra long special show. Frank's books on the strange... more

James Robinson, author of the "Encyclopedia of Lake and River Monsters" and many other publications, will be speaking with the team about legends and sightings of these strange but interesting creatures. Join us for a night of stories... more

John Fleming, author of Fearsome Creatures Of Florida is our guest on this unforgetable episode of BFP Radio.John will be speaking about his Fearsome Creatures book and the oddities in the Florida area. Join us on this great night... more