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The Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Radio is a weekly radio show hosted by the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal team based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The team is made up of 4 paranormal experts who all have extensive field research and other credentials in the paranormal studies. With frequent authors, researchers, film makers, and other individuals as guests, This is one show you don't want to miss! Tune in!

On-Demand Episodes

The third installment of the Bigfoots Pad Paranormal's Orang Pendek series is here! The Orang Pendek, also known as the Dwarf Sasquatch of Sumatra, has been a topic of wonder and mystery since early discoveries took place in the... more

The Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Team returns with an ALL NEW season of BFP Radio. This episode features the leading case expert and historian Jeremy Meador. Jeremy has been involved with the Ely ufo crash case since 2008 and... more

Thanksgiving is here! That can only mean one thing... The Bigfoots Pad Mad Gasser Of Mattoon Thanksgiving special is back! This year's special broadcast will feature stories, eyewitness accounts, and other information that will... more

This episode of Bigfoots Pad Paranormal radio features the topic of the media and it's impact on the public. BFP's very own team member Nicholas (Mothman Poirier 1.0), will discuss his his research and academic findings done in a scholarly... more

Harry Drew, ufologist, historian, and filmmaker joins the panel for an all new episode of Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Radio! Harry is most famously known for his work involving a series of events from 1953 which include a flying... more

The Mongolian Death Worm is a cryptid reported in Mongolia's Gobi Desert. The creature is reported to be very wide and 2-6 feet long and reddish in color. The death worm allegedy spits a venom or acid that can kill animals and... more

The crystal skulls, thought to hold power and paranormal capabilities, are the topic of this week's Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Radio show. The skulls, thought to number 13 in total, have mysterious origins and are the subjects of paranormal... more

This new episode of Bigfoots Pad Paranormal Radio features visions of otherworldly creatures, places, etc and other mystical experiences. The Mothman Poirier aka Nick will take the lead role and explain his recent research into the... more

The Kasai Rex is a living dinosaur of legendary status. This beast, reported to be a living Tyranosaurus Rex, roams the remote rainforest regions of the Congo. The Kasai Rex has been reported to attack wild animals and shock eyewitnesses for... more

Art Campbell joins Bigfoots Pad Paranormal radio for his second appearance as our guest. Art is the author of his book "Ufo Crash At San Augustin" and lead investigator of the crash. The San Augustin site is part of the famous Roswell... more