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Educational Lecture Series



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This show is designed to engage listeners in social dialogue related to building families and communities.

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Believe it or not… there is a major misconception about how what it means to be a ?Black Woman?. At the root of the problem is a mere lack of understanding of the social being referred to as ?Black Woman?. The family,... more

There are two common myths surrounding the relationship between Malcom X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Too often, many people say that the two prophets were of opposite positions. However, the truth is that both men were... more

A most important lesson for young people to learn today is the example of self determination that comes from economic Independence. African American History has many great tutorials for Urban youth who engage in risky activities trying to... more

The American subgroup commonly called ?African Americans? has held a presence in the country for around Four Hundred years. However, this ethnic group has enjoyed independence for a mere One hundred and fifty four years.... more

The worst thing an "ELDER" can do is to mislead its young. For decades, in communities facing socioeconomic challenges there have been opportunities to share viable lessons from one generation to the next lost. Unfortunately, the... more

A common struggle for many in America is financial stability. Particularly for Urban American communities, there are financial opportunities available however; certain people tend not to have the maximum benefit from them. Perhaps the main issue... more

When it comes to defining the character and worth of African American manhood and in greater context, leadership of the African American subculture, there has been great disagreement for some time. The conflict has root in a social/political... more

On January 21, 2019, all across the United States many celebrated the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. His life's work of thirty-nine short years affected American History in such a strong way. His tragic and most sudden death- on... more

Per request of our listening audience, tonight we will discuss the health and wellness of Urban America. Health is very an important aspect of living and deserves our undivided attention. As we move forward in this New Year it is... more

The national dialogue about criminal justice reform seems to focus heavily on the rights and concerns of those charged with offense against their neighbor or society (the Offender). However, little attention is given to the offended (the... more