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What is religion ? Religion is man's way of worshiping God. Man made religion began thousands of years ago in the Old Testament, and has continued with a great deal of influence today. In the New Testament, Christ addressed the issue of the influence of man-made tradition on biblical doctrine. He interpreted the problem as so grave that he openly accused the Jews (the scribes and Pharisees) of shutting the Kingdom of heaven unto men, not allowing entry - Matthew 23:13-39. This feat was accomplished via their traditions which they taught in place of the commandments. Make no mistake about it, the Bible is right. From the first pages of Genesis all the way to the last book of Revelations. Discover how religion has separated man from God and the Kingdom of Heaven.

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How far have we come off of the ancient paths? So far that people are not even aware of the many changes that have taken place over the past 2000 years. Most people have accepted the status quo, allowing Satan to fulfill his obligation of... more

What importance does scripture play in our lives? To those that don't understand the concept of scripture, this will prove to be detrimental to your entire existence because it is scripture that leads us to salvation. Is the entire Bible considered... more

Jews, Hebrews, Christians; does the Bible make a difference in who we are or what name we should use to describe ourselves? The world has lost the concept of nameology and what it means to the Father? The usage of names within... more

In Part 2, ?Do we need the entire Bible? Understanding what is scripture? we will continue with discussing the importance of scripture and why it is important for salvation. As we discussed on last week, many people have identified... more

What are scriptures? Well this depends on what side of the fence you are on. The New Testament states that ?All scripture is given by inspiration of God…? It also continues with a mystery that is not understood by the... more

Although the Bible clearly defines what a blessing is, many people tend to lean on their own interpretation of this word believing that they are blessed. Just because a thing is going your way for now does not mean that what you... more

Understanding what a blessing is can be one of the most misunderstood mysteries in the world today. This mystery has caused many ?religious people? to erroneously contend that God is with them as a result of their acquired material... more

Tonight, join Al & Iveriy for the last part of a 4 part series, ?Prophecies concerning the coming of Christ? In part 4; we will take a closer look at more Old Testament prophecies concerning Christ. Although these prophecies were... more

Because 1st Thessalonians 5:21 commands us to prove all things, it is important that we accomplish what most in the Christian religion cannot. That is to show what Old Testament prophets said about the Messiah which was to come. Most... more

Understanding the nature of God and Christ gets more complex with the passing of time. After discussing the first two paradigms (worldviews), we will talk tonight about a third worldview, the Figuralists Paradigm. While those who have... more
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