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Beyond The Mask

Beyond The Mask


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Beyond The Mask Living Legacy Moments Take a look at Domestic Violence not only in the secular sector but the faith based sector as well. Listen to empowering and inspiring stories that will encourage you to make changes in your life.

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Todays show is for all of the hard working sisters out there, who are working toe to toe with their men to make ends meet. Ladies what if your man came home today and said, that he wants you to quit your job or go part time so he can take... more

Your lovley host Pretty E.Rutherford will talk to all the ladies, to see if the roles in a marriage have changed or have we as women made up our own rules,along with how to follow what the bible has taught.....Tune in today to check out the... more

In today's show your lovley host Pretty E. Rutherford will address, todays stand on Role Reversal or is it that we are just plan LAZY!!! E.Rutherford would love to hear what you think as adults in the mind set of 2010, verses what the word... more

Join your host E. Rutherford as she gives her soapbox topic of what the greatest commandment is! Join Us!

Does he make a point to always come over to your house? Does have an excuse about not taking you by his place? or does he still live with his mother? Join us for the 15-minute soapbox with E. Rutherford!

This week we are touching on a topic that will confirm most,upset some, and hopefully shine the light on many! Women naturally stand behind the men in their lives, but is it worth it when it seems as if he doesn't appreciate it? Join Us and... more

Join us as we continue the conversation of whether most women are gold diggers or just high maintenance with high standards.

The word gold digger has been used loosely for the last few years. Some women are just ambitious and have high standards, others may be looking for a means to an end--- Join Us as the host E. Rutherford talks about this subject!

Everyone wants to mirror the old romance stories, today those three words(I Love You) has many meanings, depending on who says them. Today we check in with the male audience to determine what is really meant! Join Us!

Happy 4th of July!! Join us as your favorite hosts share some interesting insight about the tradition of July 4th family get togethers and the history behind the dynamic day!
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