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Host: Author and Medium - David M. Baker and Co-Host: Cheryll Baker invite you to join us each week on "Beyond the Gate Radio © ". On each show we feature experienced, interesting and quality experts as our guests on varied topics such as: Psychics, Mediums, Spirituality, the Metaphysical, the Paranormal, Parapsychology, Astrology, Numerology, The Tarot, Energy Healing, Cryptozoology, Spirit Rescue, Demonology, UFO’s and more. On our show we stay open minded as we like to think outside the box. We do not judge anyone for their beliefs or belief system. We are here to educate and entertain you; we, as the presenters are merely the purveyors of information. Feel free to call in, join our chat room, or just listen. Now listen in and let us take you Beyond the Gate © ! Note# All of our shows are copyrighted and may not be reproduced, changed or copied in any form without written permission from Beyond the Gate © or David Baker.

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Rick Kueber is an author and speaker from Evansville, Indiana. Rick's first book, Forever Ash: The With Child of Helmach Creek, was released in June 2014 and has received excellent reviews. The book covers a paranormal case he investigated with E.V.P. Investigations,(Evansville Vanderburg Paranormal) a group he founded in 2008. E.V.P. Investigations has been involved with cases in Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. Rick Kueber writes fiction books based on true events. Forever Ash is the first book in a series of paranormal investigation novels. He is working on a second book, "Shadows of Eternity," to be released in late 2014 or early 2015. Rick is a seasoned speaker and radio guest having appeared on various paranormal shows and events. He is a frequent public speaker for his job as a Union Representative for hundreds of Union workers and also with his position as Human Relations Commissioner for Vanderburg County, Indiana. Rick is involved in a current filming project and will speak on a paranormal cruise September 2015. He enjoys science, spirituality, writing, and most of all being a father to his son Daniel. Book Link:
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