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Host: Author and Medium - David M. Baker and Co-Host: Cheryll Baker invite you to join us each week on "Beyond the Gate Radio © ". On each show we feature experienced, interesting and quality experts as our guests on varied topics such as: Psychics, Mediums, Spirituality, the Metaphysical, the Paranormal, Parapsychology, Astrology, Numerology, The Tarot, Energy Healing, Cryptozoology, Spirit Rescue, Demonology, UFO’s and more. On our show we stay open minded as we like to think outside the box. We do not judge anyone for their beliefs or belief system. We are here to educate and entertain you; we, as the presenters are merely the purveyors of information. Feel free to call in, join our chat room, or just listen. Now listen in and let us take you Beyond the Gate © ! Note# All of our shows are copyrighted and may not be reproduced, changed or copied in any form without written permission from Beyond the Gate © or David Baker.

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Mark Anthony, ?The Psychic Lawyer®? is a fourth generation psychic medium and a successful criminal trial attorney. As a medium, and as an Oxford educated attorney, Mark always ?follows the evidence,? whether in a criminal trial or when helping those seeking connections with loved ones in spirit. His point of view is clearly unique. His bestselling and critically acclaimed book, Never Letting Go, helps those suffering from grief heal by providing evidence of the Afterlife. A natural story teller, Mark engages readers, of all faiths with hope, inspiration and comfort. Mark has served as an on-air legal commentator for news networks. As ?The Psychic Lawyer®,? he has appeared on TV and radio nationwide. He has lectured at Harvard and Brown and Yale. ?Grief leads to Crime which leads to Grief.? One of Mark's signature theories is unresolved grief can lead to criminal acts, which in turn, inflicts grief upon others. Helping people successfully deal with loss helps society as a whole. Understanding criminals from the perspective of a lawyer with his psychic ability, Mark has unparalleled insight. Mark considers himself a Spirit Mediator. Combining his intuitive gifts with his legal experience, Mark provides resolution between people here and loved ones on the ?Other Side.? An enlightening talk show guest, Mark performs readings for audience members and can discuss a wide range of topics.
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In tonight's show, Kevin returns to talk more about his book and is joined by his psychic wife Stanna and Medium Melanie Runyan who is mentioned in the book and is a key figure that started Kevin on his amazing journey. In his new and... more

Tonight Michael returns to talk about Heartbreak and more interesting subjects. Interview: with Astrologer & Intuitive Consultant Rev. Dr. Michael R. Vanderpool. I am Rev. Dr. Michael R. Vanderpool intuitive astrologer, internationally... more

In his new and amazing book, The Bible: The Truth About Psychics and Spiritual Gifts, author and Bible teacher Kevin Schoeppel has written documented proof that having spiritual gifts such as being a psychic or medium is NOT the work... more

Interview: with Astrologer & Intuitive Consultant Rev. Dr. Michael R. Vanderpool. I am Rev. Dr. Michael R. Vanderpool intuitive astrologer, internationally known and traveled in over 24 countries, and a member of the Magi Society, the APA:... more

Bishop James Long studied for the Roman Catholic Priesthood for 6 years. It was during his years in the seminary that Bishop Long received solid formation; both Academic and Spiritual. Through prayer and discernment, Bishop Long... more

Show Date: 1/20/13 The world famous Psychic Twins, Terry and Linda Jamison give us their World Predictions for 2013 and 2014 making it a double bonus show. They have worked long and hard on their predictions getting a record... more

Psychic Cheryl Lynn returns to Beyond the Gate Radio on April 14 to give her 2014 Predictions and 2014 Tarot Horoscopes for all Signs plus something new I am doing "Future Visions". "Future Visions" are things that will happen in the... more

Barbara Mackey is a renowned psychic radio host and television personality in the USA, Europe, and Canada. Her clients emanate from every walk of life. Professionals, government officials, stars and celebrities, and everyday people.... more

On tonight's show we will be discussing the Paranormal with our guests, two experienced veteran investigators who are also founders of their own professional groups. Sharon Kincaid and Donna Stewart. Sharon Kincaid is the founder of... more

Psychic Cheryl Lynn is a natural born psychic through her father's lineage. She uses the tarot as a "key" for her to open the door to her abilities. While others are learning to increase their psychic abilities, Cheryl Lynn needed to control hers... more
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