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Major League Baseball is in the in the midst of a ?golden era? with a long and prosperous future according to commissioner Bud Selig. Being a ballplayer and an advisor for one of the best baseball movies ever made, seems downright unfair, but Ken Berry has had the good fortune to do both. And he's got plenty of stories to share along with many of his experiences. Ken Berry can cover a lot of ground about baseball: How he's the only outfielder to make a putout at all three bases. How he hit .750 against Nolan Ryan. What type of baseball player John Elway would have been. Which actors actually had some baseball ability. Ken Berry is with us LIVE at BEYONDtheCheers on blogtalkradio on Wed. July 30th at 7PM EST. Each Friday at NOON is a repeat broadcast on AMFM247. Dial-in TOLL FREE 1-877-357-2448 to ask a question, or email in advance.
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You've trained your body and now it's time to train your mind. Mental Skills Training (MST) is a specialty in the field of sport psychology and encompasses training and tools to help athletes improve performance and reach goals. When... more

Some athletes, like Alyson Dudek, think and dream much bigger and go after alternate goals in tandem with achieving Olympic glory. After winning the 500-meter event and finishing second in short track speed skating at the... more

Encountering obstacles throughout life can make it difficult, in many ways, to forge ahead. In the competitive spirit of an athlete, we see a desire and drive to pierce through obstacles in order reach peak performance. Athletes can sometimes... more

Many young hockey players hold on to the dream of the NHL some day, but those who take advantage of the opportunity to play in Europe can make more money than they would ever see in Canada. Former Canadian NHL player, Reid... more

Concussions typically occur after a person falls, gets into an auto accident, is the victim of a violent assault, or suffers a blow to the head during impact sports—especially boxing and football. Post-concussion syndrome, (PCS),... more

Finally, winter is over and it's time to think about getting in shape in preparation for your spring and summer sporting activities. If you're a sports fan, the temptation to sit down in front of a TV screen may be too strong to resist. But... more

There have been numerous incidents in the NFL that have painted a picture of a league that's hostile to anybody who doesn't fit a certain definition of ?manhood?. ?That picture is distorted,? say numerous observers of the league; this includes... more

Critics are quick to proclaim that America's national pastime is dead and gone, and that MLB has owners and a commissioner who fail to address issues or embrace the future. However, attendance at most major ballparks is way up and,... more

The notorious hit on Canada's hockey darling on Sidney Crosby back in 2011 sparked a national conversation about head injuries in hockey. But such hard hits aren't just hurting the pros. The Hockey Concussion Education Project analyzed... more

Rowing is a sport that can be enjoyed by all. You can start at any age, learn the technique quickly and improve on it for the rest of one's life. The difference between rowing and sports like basketball or soccer is that in those sports, there... more
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