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The professional leagues of many sports are not necessarily good places to find role models for young children. The way that some pros handle their injuries, including concussions, doesn't in many ways promote what many parents, teachers and communities are trying to instill in our youth today. We usually rely upon the concussion knowledge of the athlete in order to recognize when something is wrong. However, many (up to 70% of high school football players) will not admit when they are concussed. Some will continue to play and unfortunately for some, they may unknowingly suffer from either post concussion syndrome or second impact syndrome. Don Brady, PhD, PsyD, NCSP is a licensed clinical and school psychologist. He has presented papers on subtle brain injury for over 20 years and has personal experience with concussion. We are joined by Don Brady LIVE at BEYONDtheCheers on blogtalkradio on Wednesday, September 17th at 7PM EST. You can also listen each Friday at NOON to our repeat broadcast on AMFM247 or listen anytime on iHeart Radio or iTunes on demand and at Dial-in TOLL FREE 1-877-357-2448 in Canada and United States to ask a question, or email our guest in advance.
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