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Beyond Logic

The Jacki Mari Show


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This show is about "All Thingns Paranormal." From current mysteries to mysteries of old, to upcoming mysteries, we cover it all. There is more "BeyondLogic" than logical in this life. Join us.Jacki and her co-host Alyn Richard will provide you with their psychic impressions that get right to heart of the matter. We think you'll be surprised! Give us a call.

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"BeyondLogic" and beyond the grasp of most people. Which one are you? Find out about things beyond the grasp of most people...and why? Learn how the obvious can be right in front of you...where you can't see it...but it's there. Join us.

There is more "BeyondLogic" than there is "of Logic" and it's better to recognize the difference. Join us for an interesting look at matters "BeyondLogic."

If you have something that may be BEYONDLOGIC, call the show or use the chat room. We'd like to hear about it.

Do babies feel anything while they are in the womb? We're going to talk about communicating with the unborn child...from moments after conception until birth. Is it BeyondLogic? Yes! Is it beyond reason? No. We think you'll find this an... more

Why is the BIG BANG too logical and unrealistic, and the real story BeyondLogic? Find out...tune in tonight at 10 PM CDST...and there's more.

The Law of Attraction and the Psychic Connection. What's it all about? For starters, it IS BeyondLogic. Join us for this and so much more that is BeyondLogic...

There are more things BEYONDLOGIC than fit into the category of Logic. Join us for some interesting looks at "things paranormal" that may make more sense than things logical.

There is more "BeyondLogic" than there is of logic. Learn about some of the differences, along with the psychic input we can provide. And we'll have another "unsloved mystery" from a long time ago. And we'll provide the "psychic... more

Who killed the boy from Nowhere? Is it really BeyondLogic to understand this mystery from the 1800's? So many things are BeyondLogic and we go after them the first Wed of each month. Some are ordinary, some are extraordinary. Take... more

It is all matters "BeyondLogic" that we look into, and there more things beyond logic than what is logical. Tonight's show has a specific example. Join us.