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Are you ready to be known and loved? Is it time to move from mere survival of childhood trauma into a thriving life? Beyond Abuse Radio is a safe place to find healing and wholeness and embrace your own beauty. Overcoming trauma is not easy, but it is absolutely possible, and you don’t have to do it alone! I invite you to join me each week to learn about tools for healing and receive the resources and encouragement you need on your journey into wholeness. Over 1,000 people are being inspired weekly to live empowered lives as they transform their trauma into beauty.

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Who doesn't want more joy in their life? The fact is that low joy levels are the best indicator that someone is at high risk for an addictive lifestyle. The higher your level of joy is, the less vulnerable you are to getting caught up in the addictive... more

Relationships are the stuff of our deepest pain and joy. They can leave gaping holes that cause great vulnerability to addiction, and they are also a large part of healing addictions. Ed Khouri shares a fascinating piece of research that links... more

( Rescheduled from 9-25-14) Addiction changes the brain. Getting free from addiction is a challenging process because it requires breaking deeply ingrained patterns of the brain and creating new ways of thinking, acting, and relating. Ed... more

Addiction often is found alongside stories of abuse. Addicts more easily become abusers and the abused often lean into various forms of addiction in the attempt to help manage their pain. Many people have found help in the many... more

Sometimes the memories are too much to hold inside. Sometimes the pain just gets too big. Medicating our pain as survivors of child sexual abuse is one way to survive. But as long as we are addicted, we will never thrive. Addiction kills... more

Do you have a hope that there can be more joy and love in your life? Are you ready to change the status quo? Does your heart long for something more and are you willing to sacrifice to get it? If the answer is yes, then you will want to... more

Do you struggle with ?stuck? emotions? Do you ask yourself, ?Why did I do that?? When we suffer trauma as children our brains are often unable to develop to their fullest potential. Neurological Reorganization (NR) is a movement... more

Does the thought of developing bonded relationships cause your stomach to flip flop? Are the words ?trust? and ?vulnerability? on your DGT (Don't Go There) list? Forming bonded relationships that bring joy is the most important skill in life, but... more

Have you ever felt happy and sad at the same time? Wanted to do something and not wanted to in the same moment? If so, then you have experienced what Internal Family Systems calls the sub-personalities that we all have inside. Each... more

In the difficult spaces of our childhood traumas, we often are disconnected from the awareness of God's presence. We may even think that He has abandoned us during those experiences. It is then that we are most vulnerable to... more
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