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Beyond Abuse Radio

Beyond Abuse Radio

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We must forgive to be forgiven, so how do I Forgive?  

We all understand the general concept of forgiveness, but most of us are not especially proficient on the specifics on how to do it. The process of forgiveness requires that we begin to look for the real person behind the caricature we’ve created in our minds. On the road to forgiveness we will begin to see that they have not only hurt, they have been hurt; they are weak, needy, and fallible. Understanding this and God’s requirements we soon begin to find reasons for our hearts to turn toward mercy instead of malice. We must forgive to be forgiven

Let’s enjoy this Spiritual day of encouragement and teaching, because when we get together we shall encourage you in your faith, and we also want to be encouraged by yours”

So mark the date and time call in ask questions and join the conversation. Let the spiritual day of healing begin.  Call in Number 323.443.7467  @ 8 PM EST 

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