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Beverly Hamilton

Beverly Hamilton


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A Course In Miracles and Other Fun Things with Beverly Hamilton on Sedona Talk Radio. A Course in Miracles and Other Fun Things explores a spectrum of experiences that can be woven into the fabric of a CIM in a casual, conversational format. The show is just another reminder of a path, though paved in suffering, can be tread lightly and with a little laughter, as we peek behind the illusory curtain shielding Truth. To preface the following, my early and long association with the founders of the CIM does not make me an expert. I met Judith Skutch and Jerry Jampolsky in 1974 in the SF Bay Area. In 1975, Judy brought us the Course in Miracles, a set of books she had just received from Helen Schucman, the reluctant 'scribe' of these books and her associate, Bill Thetford, both professors at Columbia University. Helen and Bill soon followed to meet people and discuss the Course. For more detail of their history, go to www.acim.org. From that time to the present, I quietly studied the Course and struggled with practicing the basics, like Forgiveness. My path has been one of unraveling the persona I thought I had so brilliantly created, using laughter and occasional bouts of insights.

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Beverly continues on with her series - You Are Not Who You Think You Are. Beverly is joined by her special guest Unity Minister Max Lafser.

We struggle with the question of Identity from the time we begin to perceive ourselves as separate entities. The realization of being separate engenders fear, which then becomes the cornerstone of our survival mechanism. The Course... more