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Your Bread is Not Your SEED!

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For years I lived as a frustrated believer. I would often find my self in settings where the plea or "coercion" to GIVE and SOW was at times overwhelming. 

So under the compulsion of the pressure to SOW, I would SOMETIMES give money earmarked for other purposes thinking that I was sowing a "special seed." Often it wasn't long before the pain of a bad decision based on compulsion rather than FAITH hit hard. Now I was faced with a utility bill at the crisis turn off point, or rent due and no money to pay it! And YET, I thought I was SOWING into my need.

How do you distinguish the difference between SEED and BREAD?

How do you recognize the difference between one of those KAIROS MOMENTS where the spirit of God is challenging you to do A PROPHETIC ACT as a lead into a break through. Or is this just another emotion packed bid to seperate you from the money in your hand?

These are tough questions that quite honestly I have never heard anyone teach about! It is time to break the silence! 

Isaiah 55:10 says that as the rain and snow descend from the skies and water the earth--the WORD GOD SPEAKS --- HAS LIFE producing effect in your situation. So the SERMONS you hear should have the same life producing capacity to COMPLETE AN ASSIGNMENT IN YOUR LIFE. That is one of the ways you know if the GROUND you are about to SOW into is GOOD.

God wants to break the cycle of lack and insufficiency in your life! But that will never happen until we learn to PLANT our SEED and EAT our bread! In today's episode OF BETTER LIFE WITH STELLA, we will learn to distinguish BREAD from SEED!