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This show will provide the listener with the necessary resources to design a successful life. The Success Design is a call to action. It is an opportunity to lead an extraordinary life. Many people often settle for ordinary, mundane lives. They are simply going through the motions to get through each day with no real purpose in mind except life’s everyday, typical demands. The Success Design transcends this life. It catapults those who are willing to take the leap out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. It doesn’t take monumental change. It simply requires that you revisit the attitudes with which you see your everyday life. A simple change in your attitude and the paradigms with which you see the world can change your entire life! I know because I’ve experienced it! Let me be your guide!

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Judy Morris has worked as a Time-space feng shui professional and teacher for over 25 years and has clients throughout the United States, Caribbean, Canada and Europe. She is the first American certified to practice and teach Classical Chinese Feng Shui, and she is the first American designated as a Feng Shui Master through the Feng Shui Research Center founded by Master Joseph Yu. She came to the feng shui profession from a successful 20+ year career as a management consultant, personal and business productivity coach. "My years as a consultant taught me to appreciate the impact our environments exert on our happiness, health, productivity and relationships," she recalls. "I searched for a teacher who was grounded in this rich Chinese system. I was especially attracted to Toronto-based Master Yu because of his background is mathematics and physics," she recalls. "He is a scientist who set out to disprove Feng Shui and, in the process, became so convinced of its validity and power that he is recognized today as one of its most respected proponents." Master Yu is one of the top Classical Feng Shui Masters. For years Judy searched for a Qi Gong master to assist her in having a deeper experience of the energies she works with in Feng Shui. Instead in 2004 she met Dr. Barry A. Morguelan who is one of fewer than 10 who have successfully completed the training to help people connect to the underlying root energy and to teach others how to stay connected and use that connection successfully. Through the ongoing learning and employment of these practices under the expert supervision of Dr. Morguelan, she has been able to surpass the general expectations of her clients and students in the efficacy of the Feng Shui services she provides and teaches. Website:
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